Visit Iceland declares that Iceland is better than space.

And you know, they do have a point!

VEET - OODYSSEY (2022) :60 (France)

To the sound of relaxing whistling music, we watch two pink round objects float around in the sky. Are they bubbles? Are they balloons?

Jeep - The Middle / Bruce Springsteen (2021) 2:00 (USA)

Bruce Springsteen tells us about a church in the middle of America. Lebanon, Kansas

ŠKODA - Made for Ireland (2020) :30 (Ireland)

Whatever you're made of, there's a ŠKODA made for you. ŠKODA. Made for a New Ireland.

Norrland's Guld - Schysst. Schysst. Jätteschysst / Kusiner från Stockholm (1995) :45 (Sweden)

A man writes in his diary "I had my cousins from Stockholm, visiting last week" his voice over reads, in a thick northern accent.

Rainier Beer - Montana Fresh Rainier (1991) :30 (USA)

Montana Fresh beer. Yes, the best free-roaming beer comes from Montana.
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