Cut+Run’s Jon Grover Edits Ballsy “Euphemisms” Spot for Gold Bond

The work comes from independent advertising agency Terri & Sandy, was directed by Nalle Sjoblad and edited by Cut+Run’s Jon Grover.

Amazon - #BeforeAlexa Portia & Ellen (2020) :60 (USA)

"What do you think people did before Alexa?" ponders Ellen, and we get to time travel to find out.

Dietz & Watson - Deli Deli! (2018) :30 (USA)

A pretty obvious homage to Bud Lights' "Dilly dilly" and equally ignorable.

Dietz & Watson - Deli Deli! (2018) :30 (USA)

Bud Light - The Bud Knight (2018) :60 (USA)

Black Knight Licorice - Gone Soft (2006) 0:45 (New Zealand)

Pepsi - Foot battle / Extended edit (2004) 2:00 (UK)

A group of legendary soccer players, including David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Raul Gonzalez, Franceso Totti, Ronaldinho, Diego de Cuhna, Raul, Quaresm

Pepsi - Foot battle (2004) :60 (UK)

Beckham is in the good guys' gang together with Roberto Carlos, Raul Gonzales, Francesco Totti, and Ronaldhino.

Adidas - The artist - (1996) 0:60 (Germany)

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McDonalds - McDLT - Romeo & Juliet (1986) - 0:30 (USA)

The McDLT has one cold side, and one warm side, and here McDonald's borrows from Shakespeare, showing Romeo and Juliet finally getting together.
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