DATE - Vacation party (1995) :60 (Sweden)

A group of young ladies on vacation party hard, and turn men's heads as they all use DATE.

Pepsi - What Do You Wanna Do? / "Be Young. Have Fun. Drink Pepsi." (1993) :60 (USA)

"Hey, so what do you wanna do?" "I dunno. I'm thinking maybe finish high school. Go to college. Wife. House. Kids.

Levi's - Swimmer / Mad about the boy - (1992) :60 (UK)

Dinah Washington's classic version of "Mad about the boy" becomes a hit again in this Levi's ad.

Nike - Bo's hip / Denis Leary & Bo Jackson (1991) :60 (USA)

Denis Leary comes at us with his belligerent sarcastic tone: Hey, no more questions about Bo’s hip, OK!

Dockers - Pool Game (1991) - 0:30 (USA)

CHANEL N°5 - La Star (1990) :30 (France)

Directed by Ridley Scott, this advert ran globally.

Diet Pepsi - "The Right One" (1989) :60 (USA)

This ad is peak late eighties with all the stylish shots of everyone doing all sorts of things, like swimming, dancing, horseback riding, running alon
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Midway - I've Got Sunshine (1986) - 0:30 (USA)

"I've got sunshine"

Diet Shasta - I want a pop, I want a Diet Shasta (1984 ) :30 (USA)

If you too want the brawny men around the pool to ogle you and make all sorts of "oooh, aaah" and lipbiting faces, pour some diet Shasta int

Benson and Hedges - Iguana / Swimming pool - (1979) 0:60 (UK) Classic

Directed by Hugh Hudson The diver gets the cigarettes as they are dropped via helicopter into a pool in the middle of the desert with only lizards as

CHANEL N°5 - Blue Sky / La Piscine (1979) :30 (France)

I am made of blue sky and golden light And I will feel this way forever Share the fantasy Chanel No. 5.

Tropicana Orange Juice - Hostess / Pool party (1973) (USA)

He asked me to squeeze him some more.

Princess Gardner - Wet is Wild (1969) print

Princess Gardner introduces the "wet look" . Body copy promises;


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