Michelle Rodriguez Ghosts a Zombie in Chromebook Campaign by Dime Davis

Merman’s Dime Davis directs Michelle Rodriguez (star of Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and the Resident Evil franchise) in Chromebook’s ne

Pringles - WOW - (2018):30 (USA)

Bill Hader and a couple of crew guys discover a new way to eat Pringles, mash them together for new flavour combinations. Or...

Blackberry Z10 - Can't Do - (2013) - 0:30 - (USA)

What can't it do? Who knows.

MTV Movie Awards - The Set (2002) - 0:57 (USA)

Svängsta skorpor - Johan, what is the biscuit called? "Sväng svängigare" (1974) :60 (Sweden)

The little guy is wearing a hat that reads "Swing (with more) swing", which makes no sense at all in English - but since the brand name is S
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