Lacoste - I choose the bucket hat (2022) :30 (France)

Clearly inspired by the cool skater boy, the little girl will wear her bucket hat the way he does. 

Icelandair - Snowed in at Schiphol / Jol / Christmas (2021)

Icelandair is an airline that has had to survive the hostile North Atlantic and pioneered travel in the region, with roots dating back to 1937.

Adidas "House Party" (2008) 2:40 (Canada)

Star studded spot, shows cool kids and celebs hanging out. Because that always happens.

WE Spank fashion ad has been withdrawn after complaints.

WE Sweden are in trouble for the way they advertise their underwear.

FOX Sports Net - 54321 - Skate Park (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Crown Royal - No Cheapskate - 1983 . print (USA)

Remind your father that he didn't raise a cheapskate
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