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Shaggy's "It wasn't me" Super bowl ad song previously used in joint Bank & Dubai police anti-fraud campaign

Shaggy was one of the many celebrities who appeared in the 2021 Super Bowl commercials, as he revived his hit song "It wasn't me" for C

Jeep "Diner" (2019) 1:17 (USA)

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Hyundai and Innocean Do Another Dumb Way To Die

Last year in the final scramble to produce an award-winning entry for Cannes, Innocean Europe released the controversial suicide-by-exhaust-fumes film

Metro Trains Melbourne & Tangerine Kitty - Dumb Ways to Die (PSA) - (2012) 3:00 (Australia)

Metro Trains Melbourne wants you to stay safe around trains, so they launched dumb ways to die, demonstrating avoidable deaths with cheerful cartoon c

Diesel Island - Anthem - (2011) 1:50 (Argentina)

The national anthem of Diesel Island

Diesel Island - Lullaby - (2011) 1:30 (Argentina)

The Lullaby here has some odd lyrics: "We saved a gypsy from angry French.

IF insurance - the bakery / flooded - (2010) :45 (sweden)

James Lanman and friends swoop in on the flooded bakery to tell the owner: "Don't you worry about a thing..."

BedreBustur.DK - Mukhtars Birthday / Flash Mob

You might think we've done all the variants of hidden camera filming and flash mobbing combinations by now. - Jeunes et Limités, une vraie vie de chien (2010)

Here's a new video directed by Young and Limited Riad Sattouf, music composed by Naive New Beaters.

Raging Grannies sing that CBS stands for Corporate Bull Shit. They have a point.

The Raging Grannies tear CBS a new one because of their choice to air the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad, and stating that "willing to air more advoc

Radiotjänst - Mataffaffären / Supermarket - (2009) :55 (Sweden)

He's minding his own business at work when suddenly a song breaks out thanking him for paying his TV license.

Water& - "The worst job in the world" - (2009) 1:18 (Israel)

Twenty Three in Israel have a twisted sense of humor - when they create a game for consumers to win money, they make it a very difficult game to win.

sigiTabak - Heartbreak song - (2007) :30 (Israel)

Shot in the style of a local music genre called "depression songs", here we meet cigi tobacco, a blond cigarette, which sings a heartbreakin
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Pepperidge Farm - Goldfish - Ukulele Sue (2007) :30 (USA)

Marlon Saunders & Freedom Bremner

GAP - Give a Little Bit - Liz Phair (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Liz Phair sings

GAP - Give a Little Bit - India.Arie (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Give a little

Qantas - Air Travel - Australia Home (1999)

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