Lost Eden wine is inviting you to a six-hour feast.

The country wants you to celebrate and be merry with its new wine brand.

Casa Mariol "Wine Ink" (2013) 1:15 (Poland)

Successful business stories aren't only written in ink, but over a glass of wine.

Mia och Klara - Nätfiske - 2009: 2:03 - (Sweden) no subs

This add (one of three) where done to tell about the microsoft explorer 8.

Don't buy French - (1995) 0:20 (UK)

Drunk Driving Prevention - Crashing Glasses / Beer Wine Toast crash - (1983) :30 (USA)

This ad campaign with the crashing toasting glasses began airing in 1983 and was on TV seemingly forever (at least until the 1990s).

Paul Masson - Orson Welles - No Wine Before Its Time (1980) - 0:30 (USA)

Orson Welles in his dressing room.
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