"The vagina bible" has social media ads blocked, because of the word "vagina"

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have blocked adverts promoting a doctor's book about vaginal health, sates the publisher KensingtonBooks. Several social media posts that were using the word "vagina" were rejected from the advertising networks on Facebook and Twitter. 

Numerous social media posts using the words 'vaginal' or 'vagina', advertising Dr Jennifer Gunter's The Vagina Bible, were rejected. However, promoted content without terms like "vagina" and "vaginal health" were approved.

That has now become the social media campaign for the book, with the name they can't even mention. Which is hilarious, because "vagina" has, with younger generations at least, become the catch-all term for everything downstairs be it labia majora, labia minora, cervix, vulva or even that cameltoe showing through your yoga pants. Vagina - which is a specific part and I'll let the people who don't know which part look it up - has lost pretty much all of it's meaning, and dare I say, edge, with it. If an anatomical term even had an edge to begin with. We can say "penis" without anyone freaking out, right? We can also create hundreds of scantily clad porn-star accounts on Twitter that do nothing but spew out porn photos all day and spam-follow people, but ah, the word vagina is scary, I see.

One of the ads rejected by facebook. It was resubmitted without the term 'vaginal health', and was accepted.

"We did not take action on Promoted Tweets from this account because of references to sexual organs, as those are permitted within our rules," a Twitter spokesperson told BBC News

"The rejection of some of the promoted content was due to a combination of human error and violations, including the use of profanity and adult products."

Well, that's Facebook's and Twitter's loss of advertising coin here, as the news about not being able to state the name of the book with travel quite far without having to be promoted. 

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