Where have all the children gone?

I can't be the only one to notice! What happened to all the children in the Saturday morning commercials? Everything has been 'teenified'! The shows of Saturday morning on network TV (Excluding CBS) are aiming toward teens as it is, but the ads too? What about the children?

So, what did it used to be?
Well, ABC has probably taken the most drastic change. It used to have the Loony Toons, then it grabbed One Saturday Morning, and all the shows with these had been aimed at the young audience. But now the table has turned and the commercials have turned with it. It used to be sweet young girls playing with pony ranches and Barbie at the beach while the boys built LEGOs and ate food. Well, now the sweet young girls have become older and they spend they're time advertising make-up and jewelry while the teen boys use Airheads to blow their heads off or get sucked into a video game. Saturday morning has not been the same since. It used to be kids catching the rabbit before he ate the Trix. Now it's Starburst's as they 'keep your butt company'.

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