When this ad came on, and I saw that the sender was Gevalia, I nearly choked on my coffee (which actually was one of the dark roasts displayed at the end, they were giving away free samples at the mall!)

Gevalia is the once classic, "old" brand, the coffee you have ready for "oväntat besök" (unexpected company), a campaign that ran for many years but was less successful on relaunch. It's the coffee served at offices and homes. It's not your gourmet coffee, just a good "regular" cup. To suddenly see a gyrating jheri curled soul man with a voice so deep pelvises vibrate by his natural base, singing the praises to dark exotic coffee while carrying a lamb on his shoulders in his over-the-top extravagant party-house, is such a marked transformation from past ads I'm baffled that they didn't launch another brand all-together. Hang on. I guess they kinda did. Meet Jah Roast, the deep soul voice of dark coffee, and Rick James' protegé.

p.s. the "monsoon storm" roast is pretty good. The others, meh.

Ad agency: Lowe Brindfors Director: Andreas Nilsson

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Its a wierdness that doesn't quite make it, IMO. It's just odd for the sake of odd, there's little story, which would have made it more engaging and less 'hey! Look!'. Google Wall's new ads, that's a good wierd. This is old hat.

    Jun 13, 2011