Shatto ice cream sandwiches now available in Kansas. For everyone except Stephen.

"Now available to everyone in Kansas. Except Stephen. You know what you did."

Ooh, buuuurn - I want to know what Stephen did. Anyone with me?

Oh, wait, He named the brand. Right? Right?


Oreo comes in peace when the Mars rover lands

So we're landing on Mars. Again. Back in September 1997 when NASA's Mars Pathfinder landed and we tried to watch this via a shitty dialup from the BBDO offices, I never quite did get a good explanation as to why Mars bars weren't latching on to the worldwide exploration anticipation with ads congratulating NASA, when they had such a perfect name for it? I guess it was because we didn't have the fast-acting world of social media back then, and investing in print ads with a diffuse ROI wasn't a clients favorite way to spend money. These days quite a few brands play in the social media arena.


Following the Money: Ad agencies/Brands links to piracy.

Over at the excellent Music Tech Policy, comes this article.

It starts with the above diagram from a post at a blog called Advertising Perspectives purporting to show off the potential happy fun time win win situation agencies have thanks to the likes of Ad Exchanges.

See, the original steps of web advertising are clunky and the need for a more efficient ship was a primary goal. Hence the birth of the more streamlined and highly efficient Ad Exchanges.


Link Lust: Help me be fucking creative / Embedding copyright infringing video is not a crime

So if you tweet some creative advice with the tag #FCKNGCREATIVEADVICE appended to it, your carefully chosen words of wisdom will appear at Having everyone else create your content = fucking creative. Using twitter and the word "fuck" in the URL ain't tired at all either.


Little Baby's Ice Cream-- "This is a Special Time," "Love Lickers."

Love is a feeling. And that feeling, my friends, is akin to the feeling you get watching Eraserhead for three days straight whilst being high on Opium and Bath Salts.

Oh, and it's also apparently how you feel when you eat Little Baby's Ice cream.


Can women be in ads without someone yelling foul?

The Huffington Post has an article which points to a couple of University Egg Heads writing a paper bemoaning the fact female athletes get less endorsement deals for a few reasons.

The first being sexualization. It doesn't appeal to the target market. The second, according to the article, is the fact that a lot of the female athletes being used are Olympians, and therefore only "relevant" every four years or so. The article points to the Got Milk ad featuring Olympic Medalist Dana Torres in a bikini. The researchers write:

"Featuring Dara Torres as a middle-aged single mother, able to balance family with work commitments, might be more effective than highlighting her physical attractiveness at age 40."

Yes. Because apparently the calcium in milk is very effective at helping middle-aged single moms juggle their work-life balance. As opposed to building strong bones. Which allows you to swim better. Since Dan Torres is a SWIMMER. Last time I checked, you generally adorn yourself in swim wear whilst swimming.


Good Q: Has marketing enhanced or tarnished the Olympic brand?

Hilton Barbour wonders "Has marketing enhanced or tarnished the Olympic™ brand?" - he seems to conclude it has tarnished it, as he says: I just wish more glory shone on the gold medals than the golden arches. While we're dreaming, could we get less shiny shots of women's volleyball butts too? Like maybe some shots of hand signals...?

The fantastic posters illustrating this are the work from 1972 München Olympics


Silk's bukakke ad generated via ZOOPPA's crowdsource competition was stolen off Vimeo

So, Adverve was on the case with the mysterious Silk "bukakke" ad, wherein a woman gets a lot more than a perl necklace as her face is splashed in milk. Turns out, according to Silk, that this ad was a submission via a ZOOPPA contest. You know ZOOPPA, quoting myself "it's yet another place riding on the user-generated hype where people can create ads that meet a brief and if their ad is picked, they win cash prizes. Oh joy.". So this milk cumshot ad was submitted by a ZOOPPA contender.


Stanley Steemer: Executive Carpet. (2012) :30 (USA)

Stanley Steemer: Executive Carpet. (2012) :30 (USA)

Did you know it's election season? Wait what? I know, right? I didn't either! Thankfully, lots of clients are ready to jump on that bandwagon. And this is from the great uniter and carpet cleaner, Stanley Steemer, who is here to give us with a timely message. "This year no matter who you choose, choose Stanley Steemer." And in the context of the "oval office," and someone who may or may not be the President, we can assume they are cleaning up something more dirty than the carpet. Geddit? Narf narf narf.

And I'm sure they didn't mean to, but judging by the recent antics of the secret service this year, this spot's even more ironic.


Madheart’s Jan Gleie Makes Olympics Debut with Pampers, Kraft and Target

LOS ANGELES—Director Jan Gleie will be well represented in this summer’s Olympics Games, not on the field of play, but rather during the commercial breaks. A new Pampers ad directed by Gleie, who is represented in the United States by Madheart, will air during NBC’s coverage of the Games. Additionally, branding spots for Kraft and Target that Gleie shot earlier this year are also slated to air prominently during Olympics broadcasts.