Ad campaign declares Doomsday to be May 21st 2011 - one man spent his life savings funding it

It's been popping up everywhere as of late, Judgementday2011 and ads that inform us about the upcoming rapture. The website even has nifty doomsdaybunkers for sale in case you need one of them. Cash upfront only. :P
It's not a small campaign that has been funded by Robert Fitzpatrick, a 60-year-old Staten Island resident, NineMSN says that the advertising has appeared on 1000 placards on subway carriages and on bus shelters across the Big Apple. This spread cost him $140,000, his life savings.

Mr Fitzpatrick came to believe the doomsday prediction after he retired in 2006 and started listening to evangelist Harold Camping — the owner of a California-based religious radio network that broadcasts his "end of days" message across the US.
Mr Camping has used numerological calculations to predict that the world will end on May 21.
But the preacher's calculations are not always accurate.
He originally predicted the world would end 17 years ago on September 6, 1994, but admitted he may have got things wrong when the sun came up the next day.

It's not just New Yorkers who are preparing for the rapture, Billboards have gone up in Los Angeles as well. They're all over the country in fact, paid for by supporters of Family Radio and Harold Camping.

So what's an atheist to do on Judgement day? Have a Rapture-party of course! American Atheists have their own ad campaign going, carefully named "nonsens", and the American Atheists will sponsor/advertise events in Four states to celebrate another Rapture that Wasn't.

More info on the Family Matters Rapture campaign can be found at WtM. No word yet if people behind the Why Islam?" campaign of 2006 want to get in on this billboard fight.

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