"I ❤️JK Rowling" billboard goes up in Waverley train station, Edinburgh.

The founder of Standing for women, Kellie-Jay Keen, has a new billboard that has just gone up in Scotland. The billboard gets straight to the point, "I ❤️JK Rowling"  The reason for this poster is that J K Rowling has recently made headlines around the world due to tweets that she made that stated sex is real.

J K Rowling even adressed all concerns in her post "Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues" which judging by the continued press barrage, literally no journalist read. 

By the way, Kellie-Jay was on the Adland podcast episode eight, which you should listen to if you haven't yet. 

Her campaign is very much about reclaiming language, to make a point.

"The reason people aren't so concerned about transwomen in sports is.. in the word transwoman, there is the word woman, and it just doesn't belong there as far as I'm concerned."

Celebrating JK Rowling on a poster might seem tame, but just like her previously banned billboard "Woman - adult human female", this draws attention to J K Rowling, who in turn is drawing attention to the medical scandal of transitioning children. 

Waverley train station, Edinburgh.

Kelli-Jay is simply promoting open dialogue with this billboard.

"I want you to have as many conversations with as many people as possible, because I don't want anyone to say that they didn't know what we are doing to children. That they weren't aware that women's rights were at risk. That they weren't aware girls were binding their breasts and cracking their ribs. That they weren't aware children were being made sexless."

As I noted in Netflix goes the cheap route, what was once used for prostate cancer patients, then on women who suffered endometriosis, has now been repackaged as "puberty blockers" in pursuit of a new market. A conversation on this really needs to be had, as children are causing irreversible damage to themselves which may be the wrong treatment for their issues. 


Update: The billboard has been removed. The media company cites "The poster in question is against our code of acceptance for advertising" 

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Thank you for reporting this. Just one thing about the last sentence. Children are not damaging themselves. Adults are damaging them.

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Where can I get the t-shirt?

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There is a shop on the Standing for women website.

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1808 printed without ascription in a Boston, Massachusetts newspaper column titled “Thoughts”:

“Falsehood,” says one, “flies, and truth comes limping after it.” If a lie be believed sometimes only for an hour, it has accomplished its purpose, and there is no further occasion for it.”

Thanks for the quote to https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/07/13/truth/

This below is a true professional working in the field subject to ethical review and practice supervision.


Puberty Blockade is not a new market - it has a 40+ year successful history and is routine in cases of precocious puberty that throttles back a 'too early' puberty in some youngsters so that they experience natural puberty in rough alignment with their peers.

So much misinformation and careless inattention to detail, fact and attribution - the way of social media can be dark. Some suggest the real parliamentary attack that is being nourished is on the Gillick Competence and that may well be worthy of exploration for its assault on young women's rights to bodily autonomy.

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None of your fancy links disprove what I just said which was that GnRH drugs are used as puberty blockers. Cheers.

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It's funny how you think that "reporting" means basically posting an ad for people who enjoy strengthening the patriarchy and conservative anti-LGBT bullshit.

It's clear what you're doing here and it's not helping anyone but the conservative men and their right-wing narrative. You're little more than handmaidens in this. So what I'm asking myself is..

How much did they pay you?

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This question is asked whenever I post anything that goes against the copyright narrative as well. The answer is the same as then: Nothing.

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I can Venmo you a buck if that helps.

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> It's funny how you think that "reporting" means basically posting an ad

Do you know where you are? Adland has been doing that for over twenty years.

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Okay censor. One wonders what you’ve been doing the past 25 years that gives you censorship rights...

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The billboard has been removed. Apparently it's against the media company's "code of acceptance for advertising" to love JK Rowling.