While Iranian women risk their lives protesting the compulsory hijab, Mathem in Sweden runs ads with a hijab-clad model.

Adding a bit of diversity in your ads by choosing models from minorities has been a go-to move by most brands for the past decade, but it's begin

UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" - case study

A case study for the UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" advert.

Zijkant – Equal Pay Day: The Umbilical Cord & sports (2022) :60 (Belgium)

The soundtrack to this, at the start of the ad, is quite brilliant.
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Estée Lauder: "My favorite part about being a woman is living in full color."

Estee Lauder decided today to highlight one of the people working for them, namely a scientist "My favorite part about being a woman is living in

Giggle app's billboard at University of Pennsylvania state "female spaces are necessary" for Women’s History Month.

Women's app "Giggle" has impeccable timing, as they booked a billboard at the University of Pennsylvania state for the entirety of Wome

Yoppie menstrual cycle care company calls its potential customers "bleeders", attracts ire

It sounds bonkers, but the CEO and founder of a menstrual cycle care company just called her potential customers thoroughly objectionable people.

UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" (2021) 1:50 (Australia)

A woman cuts wood for a fire, while explaining that Australian's have an expression: "she'll be right"

BMO - Remove gender bias from dictionaries #DayOfTheGirl (2020) - Canada

BMO Marks International Day of the Girl with an Evolution of ‘Jane’s Story’ The social media campaign from FCB Canada shines a light on social condit

The "I ❤️J K Rowling" billboard tour reaches Los Angeles

The "I ❤️J K Rowling" billboard campaign has now embarked on a North American tour, with a digital billboard spotted in Los Angeles today.

"I ❤️J K Rowling" billboard appears in San Francisco.

Thanks to a generous contribution from a Silicon Valley exec, the "I ❤️J K Rowling" billboard campaign is now seen in San Francisco, Califo

The "I ❤️ J.K. Rowling" billboard made a brief appearance in Vancouver, Canada

In the evening of September 11, a billboard in Vancouver Canada spelled out: "I ❤️ J.K. Rowling", but it has already been removed.
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"I ❤️JK Rowling" banner temporarily back at Waverley train station, Edinburgh.

This Friday, people at Waverly train station were momentarily treated to another glimpse of the controversial "I ❤️JK Rowling" poster design

The "I ❤️JK Rowling" billboard has been removed by Network Rail Scotland

Well, that didn't take long.

"I ❤️JK Rowling" billboard goes up in Waverley train station, Edinburgh.

The founder of Standing for women, Kellie-Jay Keen, has a new billboard that has just gone up in Scotland.
Kellie-Jay on Adland's podcast

The Adland Podcast ep 8: Kellie-Jay Keen "Woman" campaign creator on why it's so controversial.

Kellie-Jay, also known as Posie Parker, speaks with Dabitch on this episode of Adland's podcast about the "Woman" billboard campaign th
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Reddit bans women's & feminist subs in their clean-up effort, making "Reddithateswomen" trend

Reddit banned over 2000 "hate subs" on June 29, attempting to quell "hateful and violent speech".

Hershey's 2020 Women's day campaign - HERSHE - CASE STUDY (2020)

For international women's day March 8th in 2020, Hershey's changed the packaging so that it would spell out the SHE.

Twitter and Wordpress banned women from their platform due to a sordid case in Canada's human rights tribunal filed by Jessica Yaniv

We reported earlier on the fact that Wordpress shut down several feminist blogs without warning, where one of the most interesting aspects of this was
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The Last Ever Issue - Gazeta.pl, Mastercard, BNP Paribas (2019) 2:00 (Poland) case Study

This is a fantastic idea. I love it!

Wordpress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning.

Wordpress hosting, wich is run by the folks at Automattic, is targeting and shutting down femnist blogs without warning.

This Newspaper is Female

Scan any daily newspaper’s pages and you’ll see that, on average, only one out of four names mentioned in its pages are female.

Liverpool’s "Woman" billboard is taken down by ad company after trans activists complain

A billboard with the dictionary definition of "woman" has been 'banned'.
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Feminist party Sweden jams Swedish flag into meat grinder: "Out with the racists in with the feminists"

It's only a year until the next election in Swede, and the feminist party "Feministiskt Initiativ" a.k.a Fi!

Always - #LikeAGirl - (2015) 60 (USA)

Always will air their "Like a girl" spot during the super bowl, ever since Dove made a big impact with Dove True Colors in Super Bowl 2006,

Amnesty International's brand in prostitution trouble on twitter #QuestionsforAmnesty

In a rather shocking move.

Sweden's women's organizations launch campaign to reclaim the ad space in Stockholm subway #reklamera

In a press release, Sweden's women's organizations explain that this concept is to engage the public and lobby politicians to ban sexist adv

Is the end of the boys club found in emerging markets?

Creative copywriter ad agency founder and hall of famer Diane Rothschild, 63, passes after a battle with lung cancer

Diane Rothschild, an advertising executive and copywriter who headed her own firm and created pithy and amusing ad campaigns, including some for the R

Coors Light - Here's to Women (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

"Attention former Miller Lite-drinking women. Were you put off by their sexist commercials? Then come to Coors Light.
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