To celebrate Pabst's 175th year, Party Land made a 175 ounce tall boy

How much do I love this ad? A shit ton. That's how much.  Pabst celebrated it's 175 anniversary. So L.A. based Party Land decided to commemorate this with a long copy ad masquerading as a social ad. They created a "175 ounce" tallboy and adorned it with the script along with a voice-over. Nice touch as we all know most people on Instagram aren't going to enable audio when an ad pops up.



It's great writing and whether you listen or attempt to read you get the point. When the narrator skips past a lot of the writing (which is the bane of every copywriter's life, especially when some asshole account person tells us that "no one reads copy") it becomes part of the joke. It's the sheer volume of the beer can that symbolizes Pabst's longevity. If you're like a lot of people (sorry asshole account person) who do read copy when it's interesting and engaging, this is a treat.

It's a testament to our fragmented media plans and the constant desire to be "in front of the person scrolling" that I did not see this ad on Instagram because I have a life and don't walk like a humpbacked whale staring at my phone 24 hours a day. I came upon it by happenstance when a third-degree connection shared it via Linkedin.

If there was justice in this world, Pabst would run it this beauty as a sixty on TV (if only in regional markets) or at least on Youtube and then spend like hell to get real eyeballs on it. Because unless you are following Pabst, or another beer on Instagram, your likelihood of seeing this gem on Instagram is slim. And that, my friends, is a crying shame.

Great writing. Simple idea. Nice way to break the samesies mould of social media.

I'm saying right now, this is the best thing to come out of 2020.


Client: Pabst Brewing Company

Agency: PLay Land 

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