Official Adland Advertising Tutorial: Manifesto ads

Greetings students, welcome to the the ongoing Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial. Today we will teach you about the swiss army knife that can stab the talking head testimonial ad in the back, the Manifesto ad. You can use the Manifesto ad for anything. No, we mean anything. Add a stencil grunge font and it's for sneakers. Add poetry-slam reading and it's for skinny jeans. Add neon-haired celebrities and it's for hipster sports gear. Add Denzel Washington and it's A Very Serious PSA™. Add backs of heads and it's for an airline. Add instagram filters and it's for a sports drink with history. Add too much stock photo, and it's for a search engine. Add a spanish tagline and it's for a Mexican beer. Add a chair and it's the manifesto ad to kill all manifesto ads. Please, study our Manifesto ads and learn to not do them because we are so sick of seeing manifesto ads. It has to stop. If you haven't had your tongue cut out, or stuck in a client's orifice, please tell your client to stop demanding these ads too.

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Dabitch's picture

OH MAI GAWD wait guys, I have the ultimate - the Manifesto Talking Head Celebrity Testimonial Very Serious PSA™

Massivegood masterpieces

fairuse's picture

Massive aneurysm in all people before I muted the sound.

Shika's picture

This made me cringe. Some of those could actually run.

kidsleepy's picture

That's the delicate dance of satire. We had fun picking out the music, too.

anonymous's picture

You picked the best ones. The middle american clothing store kills me every time. So spot on it hurted me.

Dabitch's picture

So this is how you do it guys, cheat sheet

fairuse's picture

Thanks I needed this. I tweeted The June 2013 WWDC Apple ads because I am not sure if they are this "monster". Oh em Gee, my brain is in shock. I can't even recall the VO. I need a drink.