No Sex Trafficking "From heaven to hell" (2015) 2:00 (Brazil) (NSFW)

Warning: NSFW
Human trafficking is a very real and serious problem especially in Europe where young girls are lured away with the promise of a better life, only to discover that they are forced into prostitution. Their hopes dreams and fears are dashes and their life quickly becomes Hell. When you watch these women singing the old standard "Cheek to cheek," it firmly roots that juxtaposition in your head. Sorry to be so dark on a Wednesday, but its a serious cause and a very powerful ad. To help end human trafficking, go to

Art Director: Lincoln Lopes
Copywriter: Felipe Machado
Director: SALSA (Diego + Guto)
Director of Photography: Sander Vandenbroucke
Editing: Robin De Praetere
Sound Production: Sonido

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Holy shit that was dark.