Itaú Unibanco - Brazilian tennis player, served the first ceremonial serve at the Miami Open, initiating a new tradition in the tournament

The initiative by Itaú Unibanco celebrates its 17-year partnership with the tournament; the chosen athlete is Rafael Padilha, a talent from the Rede T

Brazilian Beer Brand Brahma Tells Festival-Goers: ‘Stop Worrying, Lose Your Phone, And Just Have Fun’

Meet 'Brahma Phone': A phone created by a brand who understands everything about Carnival and nothing about cell phones

SOKO, a Brazilian agency, has launched a new Impact Unit and pledged to support UN Women's Unstereotype Alliance.

Dubbed ‘Walk,’ SOKO’S New Unit Intends to Change The Narrative On How Brands’ Marketing Messages Can Promote Social Impact

Dove campaign targets foreign tourists to question stereotypes created about women's bodies during Carnival in Brazil

The initiative brings messages in several foreign languages to the streets, aiming to combat the objectification of the female body by visitors

Burger King Brazil has launched a pink burger Barbie meal.

Has Barbie-mania gone too far? Burger King Brazil has launched a pink burger Barbie meal.

Toyota PSA - Kid driving failures (2023) Brazil

Listen up kids, drinking and driving is bad, Mmmkay?

Obra do Berço - Anny Meisler / The influencer apology (2023) :45 (Brazil)

You know the typical "apology" video that influencers and YouTubers have basically turned into its own genre?

Heineken & Le Pub - Just Another Night Out (Brazil) :60 (2023)

The gang is going to get together, but one of the crew has just about the <em>worst possible time</em> getting out from work.

Rio Carioca - AI Film / Fail (2023) :30 (Brazil)

For an experiment, Rio Carioca's ad agency asked AI to create things for them.
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Eno - Crying? No - Cara de Azia / Heartburn face (2022) :30 (Brazil)

"Everyone knows this guy, but no one understands why" Chorrindo?

Brastemp Whirlpool’s ‘The Fairest Prenup’ calls for equal division of household chores

The agreement is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to reduce the disparity in the division of household work between couples.

"Black Characters" amplifying Black voices

Just last week a group of Brazilian creatives called out the Cannes Lions for the lack of jury diversity in the Brazilian panel.

Rio Carioca Beer. - Weird news of the week - social media campaign (2022)

New campaign for Rio Carioca Beer. Every Friday we will post a carousel on social media with the absurd news of the week.

The Heineken blackout

To raise awareness and invite Brazilians to participate in its Green Energy Project, Heineken Brazil and Publicis Brazil created an ad that was aired

Proani - Perronymous / Anonymous pets / We are family (Bolivia)

Perronymous Knino, Sabueso, Ktito

Cervejeira Sou Eu/"Cervejeira" Is Me - Case Study (Brazil) 2021

Cervejeira Sou Eu/"Cervejeira" Is Me

Panasonic - "Talking to yourself" (2020) :40 (Brazil)

Plenty of people talk to themselves, their plants and their pets, much to others amusement.

Monkey-land - the new independent agency in Brazil

Monkey-land's approach is to develop creative solutions, regardless of the medium or format

Tribute do Sean Connery - Sean Connery, the #1 James Bond (2020) print - Brazil

A half page ad on one of the most popular newspaper in Brazil in tribute to the one and only Sean Connery, the #1 James Bond and great actor.

Mercy For Animals - Animals Also Hope for a New Normal (2020) :60 (Brazil)

The official WHO's (World Health Organization) pandemic protocols have been the inspiration of this film from Mercy For Animals.

Rio Carioca - there is no virus that can break the spirit of rio - 2020 :30 (Brazil)

Marca puts all focus on delivery and launches new actions on social networks.

Ghana pallbearers go viral again, appearing in Brazilian PSA billboard

Professional pallbearers in Ghana, who operate under the name Nana Otafrija Pall-Bearing services have appeared in a billboard in Brazil.

Everybody is separating their logos due to Corona virus.

As the Olympics of 2020 are cancelled, we may as well expect Cannes Lions and a dozen other awards shows to be as well.
Adland is back

Bluebus Brazil: Adland ‘ressuscitou’

Elder sister site Bluebus Brazil (one year older than Adland) noted our return.

Rio Carioca Beer - Summer of the cans (again)

Few summers are so remarkable to deserve a title, but the Brazilian summer of 1987 became 'The Summer of the Cans', after thousands of cans

Nestlé Health Science / Homenagem Dia da Nutricionista - "Malu" (2019) :90 (Brazil)

You might not think such a colourful animation would be so touching, but it is. Nestlé created the ad to celebrate nutritionists.

Rio Carioca Beer - Grumpy old man / #Losers (2019) 3x10 (Brazil)

A grumpy old man hates de Rio Carioca Beer ads and find them a bunch of losers.
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Tramontina "Flavor of Songs" (2019) 4:55 . (Brazil)

What does music taste like?J. Walter Thompson Brazil and Spotify are exploring this question for Brazilian cookware brand Tramontina.

Volkswagen presents driver drowsiness detection with a film that shows a woman's entire life (Brazil)

This new Volkswagen film called "Life" from Almap BBDO Brazil is 2:30 long, but doesn't feel long at all.

Burger King Injuries ( Lockjaw) (Brazil) - 2019 print

"We warned you it was big."

Renault KWID - "Heroes" (2017) 1:00 (Brazil)

The spirit of Rio in a bottle.

Havaianas: Made of Brazilian summer

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Woman Interrupted (2017) 1:25 (Brazil)

Apple "My Block On The Street" (2017) 1:32 (Brazil)

Agência UM - Rebrand (2017) :44 (Brazil)

Red Bull - Smart Payphones 1:43 (2016) (Brazil)

RIO CARIOCA BISCOITO (English) Onzevinteum (2016) :15 (Brazil)

During the Rio 2016 games, the New York Times said they didn't like the most popular biscuit in Rio.

Coca-Cola "Gold feelings" (2016) 1:00 (Brazil)

Reclame Aqui "Payback dinner" (2016) 2:12 (Brazil)

Origens Brasil - Imaflora (2016) 1:55 (Brazil)

LDC "The match rackets" (2016) 1:37 (Brazil)

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VEJA "Fishes" (2016) :48 (Brazil)

Kiss FM "Long Live Rock n Roll" (2016) 1:24 (Brazil)

Special Dogs - Bondage - (2016) :35 (Brazil)

Special Dog - Sofa / Smell (2016) :35 (Brazil)

Special Dog - Window / Ashes (2016) :35 (Brazil)

HP "Magic words" (2016) 2:32 (Brazil)

89FM "Truth detector radio" (2016) 1:54 (Brazil)

Pedigree "14 anos" (2016) 1:31 (Brazil)

Bricks from Mariana (2016) 1:52 (Brazil)


Café Pelé's coffee is so fresh they packed it in the daily newspaper

To show that your product is packed every day and is so fresh Café Pelé had a brilliant idea, they simply packed their coffee in the daily newspaper.
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Pedigree "Find a new friend" (2016) 1:47 (Brazil)

kiss FM "#mccartneyhit" (2016) 1:00 (Brazil)

Envy Chain "Fernando Campos LDC" (2015) 2:04 (Brazil)


Ford reminds you not to like and drive

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VW Golf "Wishes" (2015) 1:00 (Brazil)


Brazilian agency rips off designer

A few weeks ago, we published a campaign from a Brazilian ad agency, Publiká7, for Cammila Auto Parts, encouraging auto owners to buy original parts f
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VW "Open Wide" (2015) :30 (Brazil)

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Paulo Coelho publishes entire book in double paged spread

RO Jazz & Blues Festival

Spot the Smart

Pedigree "First Days Out" (2015) 3:51 (Brazil)


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