Ghana pallbearers go viral again, appearing in Brazilian PSA billboard

Professional pallbearers in Ghana, who operate under the name Nana Otafrija Pall-Bearing services have appeared in a billboard in Brazil.

Everybody is separating their logos due to Corona virus.

As the Olympics of 2020 are cancelled, we may as well expect Cannes Lions and a dozen other awards shows to be as well.

Bluebus Brazil: Adland ‘ressuscitou’

Elder sister site Bluebus Brazil (one year older than Adland) noted our return.

Rio Carioca Beer - Summer of the cans (again)

Few summers are so remarkable to deserve a title, but the Brazilian summer of 1987 became 'The Summer of the Cans', after thousands of cans

Nestlé Health Science / Homenagem Dia da Nutricionista - "Malu" (2019) :90 (Brazil)

You might not think such a colourful animation would be so touching, but it is. Nestlé created the ad to celebrate nutritionists.

Rio Carioca Beer - Grumpy old man / #Losers (2019) 3x10 (Brazil)

A grumpy old man hates de Rio Carioca Beer ads and find them a bunch of losers.
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Tramontina "Flavor of Songs" (2019) 4:55 . (Brazil)

What does music taste like?J. Walter Thompson Brazil and Spotify are exploring this question for Brazilian cookware brand Tramontina.

Volkswagen presents driver drowsiness detection with a film that shows a woman's entire life (Brazil)

This new Volkswagen film called "Life" from Almap BBDO Brazil is 2:30 long, but doesn't feel long at all.

Burger King Injuries ( Lockjaw) (Brazil) - 2019 print

"We warned you it was big."

Renault KWID - "Heroes" (2017) 1:00 (Brazil)

The spirit of Rio in a bottle.

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Woman Interrupted (2017) 1:25 (Brazil)

Apple "My Block On The Street" (2017) 1:32 (Brazil)

Agência UM - Rebrand (2017) :44 (Brazil)

Red Bull - Smart Payphones 1:43 (2016) (Brazil)

Coca-Cola "Gold feelings" (2016) 1:00 (Brazil)

Reclame Aqui "Payback dinner" (2016) 2:12 (Brazil)

Origens Brasil - Imaflora (2016) 1:55 (Brazil)

LDC "The match rackets" (2016) 1:37 (Brazil)

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VEJA "Fishes" (2016) :48 (Brazil)

Kiss FM "Long Live Rock n Roll" (2016) 1:24 (Brazil)

Special Dogs - Bondage - (2016) :35 (Brazil)

Special Dog - Sofa / Smell (2016) :35 (Brazil)

Special Dog - Window / Ashes (2016) :35 (Brazil)

HP "Magic words" (2016) 2:32 (Brazil)

89FM "Truth detector radio" (2016) 1:54 (Brazil)

Pedigree "14 anos" (2016) 1:31 (Brazil)

Bricks from Mariana (2016) 1:52 (Brazil)


Café Pelé's coffee is so fresh they packed it in the daily newspaper

To show that your product is packed every day and is so fresh Café Pelé had a brilliant idea, they simply packed their coffee in the daily newspaper.
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Pedigree "Find a new friend" (2016) 1:47 (Brazil)

kiss FM "#mccartneyhit" (2016) 1:00 (Brazil)

Envy Chain "Fernando Campos LDC" (2015) 2:04 (Brazil)


Ford reminds you not to like and drive

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VW Golf "Wishes" (2015) 1:00 (Brazil)

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VW "Open Wide" (2015) :30 (Brazil)

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Paulo Coelho publishes entire book in double paged spread

RO Jazz & Blues Festival

Spot the Smart

Pedigree "First Days Out" (2015) 3:51 (Brazil)

VW doesn't want you to drool

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Don't be fooled by funny money.

nfscan "scan to donate" (2015) 1:42 (Brazil)

HP "Print for help" (2015) 2:06 (Brazil)

Latinstock "The Soldier" (2015) 1:00 (Brazil)

89FM #Unforgettableriffs (2015) 1:45 (Brazil)

Coca Cola - Case Crystal Go - (2015) :30 (Brazil)

Santa Casa " Fernando Meirelles" (2015) 1:00 (Brazil)

Santa Casa "Zé Roberto" (2015) 1:00 (Brazil)

Mercedes-Benz Brazil gets sarcastic for Ago

Go anywhere, in the VW Recreio

Find a needle in a haystack with Roberto Haddad Auctions

Ford "Presents" (2014) :50 (Brazil)


Santa Casa "Honest Sticker" (2014) 1:30 (Brazil)

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Electrolux - Explosion - (2014) :60 (Brazil)


D&AD "Wish you were here?" (2014) 1:55 (brazil)

Skol Beats - Senses - (2014) :60 (Brazil)

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Nintendo creates Halloween themed ad.

NBA - Bungee Jump Slam Dunks - (2014) (Brazil)


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