Honda Jazz becomes Honda [expletive]

Norwegian lawyer Tom Tysbo is riling against agencies in todays Propaganda, Norway.

"Advertising people and their agencies create new products and new names for their clients, without much focus at all on the legal side of things", said Tom Tysbo to Propaganda.

"There are plenty of examples that are legally and language wise total catastrophes, like when they launched Honda Jazz in Norway."

Honda jazz was to be named Honda Fitta in Norway - "Small on the outside but large on the inside" was their slogan.

Fitta is a part of the female anatomy - a proud old word in Norse, these days it translates more or less exactly to the english word - cunt. In Swedish, Norweigan and Danish.

I'm not driving a cunt-mobile no matter how cheap it is. ;9

Now, can someone explain what that slogan is trying to say?

"Honda Fitta er liten utenpå, men stor nær man kommer inn."

.. small on the outside, large when you get inside.... Okay, that might be a good thing for a car..... but..

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you are effing kidding me!!?

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Is there a Norwegian double entendre in that tagline that gets lost in the translation?

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Crazy! And amusing!

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..*hehehehe* you said "double entendre"...


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Honda what!!!

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yeah.. really. And they think "FCUK" is bad.

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More silly car names - The japanese are not shy to get creative with their cars names which may explain why the Japanese actually approved "honda fitta" before someone came to their senses.. Check the list of names under that link, some are hilarious. Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon or a Potato Brand Bicycle anyone? :)

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double entendre... I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I can assure you that Fitta means by no exception "the cunt".

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In Swedish and Norweigan it means 'cunt'. Not 'the cunt', just cunt. fittan would be the cunt [.se]. What do you think it means??
Det finnes mange eksempler på at reklamefolk eller designere utarbeider navn som rettslig og språklig sett er helt katastrofale, sier han og viser blant annet til da en av deres kunder, Honda, skulle lansere Honda Jazz i Norge.

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I am not too familiar with Norse and runes, but as I am Norwegian myself, I should know that 'fitta' is Norwegian for 'the cunt'. 'Fitte' (notice that the 'A' has been replaced with an 'E') means just 'cunt'.

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aha, sorry, when you wrote :"Fitta means by no exception "the cunt"." I read that as it doesn't mean the c-word. Got confused. se = svensk