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Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral movie

Back in march viral advertisings enfant terrible Mr Asa Bailey, famous from the ogilvy hijack, was auctioning off a sure-fire viral idea on Ebay and spewing releases about it in hopes offinding a bidder. I never bothered to write about the auction, but Researcher.se in Sweden did, my guess was that if anyone would buy the idea it would probably be Goldenpalace.com - the guys who bid on anything inane on ebay as their sole marketing strategy. Who else would bid on a poor Posh Spice imitator getting run over by a car? Or as the ebay auction read: …Victoria is then unfortunately hit by a London buss. [sic].

Well, whaddyaknow I was right, the viral has now been sponsored by Goldenpalace.com. You can see the fake security-came footage here in the film called Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral, where Asa Baileys name is as loud and large as the "clients" name Golden Palace's, because you know, being a viral advertising marketer means you have to get your name as well as your clients out there. Right.

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What if more traditional agencies took the same approch? If the folks who advertised consumer products and designed the packages included their names, then the agencies themselves would become consumer brands. And what a strange world that would be. Burger King breakfast sandwhiches would be "meat-normous, cheese-normous, Crispin-normous..."

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How confusing the messages would be.... ;9
However, it's not at all uncommon for print ads in Scandinavia tyo carry the ad agencies name on them. Set in 6 point running on vertically the side of the ad closest to the gutter (if a magazine) or on ethe right of it's a bus-poster. Oddly, one never seems to find the agency name when the ad is utter crap. ;)

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For agencies who do above-par work, that must give them a welcome boost. The creative in me wishes that were the case in America, but honestly, if I were advertising a product I would want every pica of the ad I'm paying for to focus on my brand...

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Look's like Viral Boy is having server trouble, so it's probebly gone viral and knocked it over. I'll let you know when its back up.