Hinge's mascot ‘Hingie’ finds Patti Harrison as St. Peter at the gates.

The Hinge app is famous for being the app that helps you find someone to date, and then deletes itself once you find that special someone.

American Values - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Recycled ad (2024) :30 (USA)

A super PAC gets creative and literally recycled a Kennedy election ad, but for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Foundation to Combat Antisemitism - Stand Up to Jewish hate "Silence" (2024) :30 (USA)

Foundation to Combat Antisemitism.

PETA - ‘Don’t Stand for Injustice’ (2024) :60 (USA)

One the lesser known traditions of the Super Bowl is that PETA will come out with an ad, that they claim is "banned" by the NFL or the netwo

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism - Together Beat Hate #StandUpToJewishHate It Is Hate (2024) :30 (USA)

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism is planning to air its first-ever Super Bowl commercial this year.

Jimmy Marble’s “What On Earth” Unearths the High Price of Disconnection The Short Film Premiered on Nowness Friday, September 15th, 2023

Jimmy Marbles’ latest film, What on Earth, a short that highlights the complexities and anxieties of living in the digital world through analog spaces

Malmö city creates exhibition with new Swedish flags, ”Nya svenska flaggor”

There are residents from 186 different countries in Malmö. The city has adopted new Swedish flags that represent its multicultural identity.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense thanks Sweden for weapons with patriotic ABBA & IKEA video. All it lacks is meatballs.

An interesting thing about war, is the commercial arts and propaganda produced during it.

Director Marysia Makowska Lands 1st U.S. Representation with SixTwentySix

Makowska has created work for top brands including Disney, Spotify, Unilever, McDonald’s and more

SERVPRO - “Declassified” / “Squid” and “Dragon” (2023)

BUNTIN and SERVPRO Conquer Dragon And Squid Cleanup in Latest Brand Campaign

Cannes Lions - THE BRIEF (2023) :90 (France)

The William Tell Overture soundtracks the frenetic time after the. brief drops and everyone at the agency get involved in creating a new ad.

Pressbyrån and Reporters Without Borders recreate the voice of imprisoned journalist Dawit Isaak on World Press Freedom Day

Pressbyrån and Reporters Without Borders highlight the importance of free speech again this year on World Press Freedom Day, the 3rd of May.

Russian Defense Ministry - You're a real man. Be one. "cлужи по контракту" recruitment ad (2023)

Another Russian recruitment ad just dropped, with the tagline "You're a man! Be one!"

"We Belong Together" - short film winner of "Shiny Awards"

We Belong Together

Sandvik - ”The call to inaction” - case study - Stendahls (Sweden)

“Call to inaction” skyrockets participation in Sandvik’s recycling program
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Meet Hikup, The First-Of-Its-Kind Mindfulness App Created by Omelet and Consume & Create

A friendly conversation coach to help us tackle our unwanted language habits

New Yorkers loathe the new "WE❤️NYC" logo and campaign

“We❤️NYC” is a 21st Century version of the 70’s “I❤️NY”

MrQ - You Win Some You Lose Some - (2023) :30 & :10 (UK)

YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME... Honesty is the best policy in online betting brand MrQ’s new campaign

The One Show 2023: Rob Reilly "What's Your One?"

The One Show 2023: Rob Reilly "What's Your One?"

Edelman CCO Judy John “What’s Your One?” (2023)

R/GA Co-CCO Tiffany Rolfe "What's Your One?"

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world…” is The One that forever changed R/GA Co-CCO Tiffany Rolfe’s creative outlook.

Duke Group ECD Suhana Gordhan shares who is "the one" of that ads that inspired her. (2023)

Duke Group ECD Suhana Gordha

Creative Lab cofounder Robert Wong shares response to “What’s Your One?”

Creative Lab cofounder Robert Wong shares a response to “What’s Your One?”

Pum Lefebure - CCO “What’s Your One?” (2023)

CEO and CCO Jimmy Smith “What’s Your One?” (2023)

CEO and CCO Jimmy Smith

Salvation Army ReShare 'Make Room For Love' (2023) :40 (The Netherlands)

The Dutch Salvation Army ReShare and Amsterdam-based creative agency Cloudfactory encouraged (and still encourage) people to donate their clothes with

Petsmart Purina - Crossroads (2023) :30 (USA)

Purina Pro Plan helps fuel adventures with you and your pet.

He Gets Us - "Be Childlike" (2023) :30 (USA)

Jesus taught, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” And he lived it out — childlike in humi

He Gets Us - "Love your enemies" (2023) :60 (USA)

There is conflict all around us.

ToughBuilt - All Pros Welcome / Super Bowl Prep (2023) :30 (USA)

Most Superbowl ads are created over a long period of time. Airtime sells out by October, most creative briefs are handed out in August.

The Farmer's Dog - “Forever” (2023) :60 (USA)

For anyone who has had a loyal pet with them for years, grab the kleenex before watching this.

FamousGrey provides a new and powerful memory for parents of stillborn babies: the Shortest Lives project

FamousGrey has created ‘Shortest Lives’ together with non-profit organization Berrefonds and the University Hospital of Ghent.

The Happy Reader - "The Happy Reader"- (2023) (the Netherlands)

The Happy Reader by Johan Kramer. Carl Sagan once said that ‘to read is to voyage through time’.

Film Festival vs Film Festival - or little girls have a flair for the dramatic in Badland.

Thank heaven, for little girls!

Cartier Tank Française: Behind the Scenes (2023) (France)

Behind the Scenes on the movie set with Rami Malek, Catherine Deneuve and Guy Ritchie.

Gröna Lund - Get a FUN job this summer (2023) :30 (Sweden)

Välj ett riktigt ROLIGT JOBB i SOMMAR! Välkommen till Gröna Lund.

De Morgen and mortierbrigade create footage of a football finale that never existed.

De Morgen and mortierbrigade create footage of a football finale that never existed.

Accompany Creative Unveils Next Phase Of Its ‘Y NYC Loves It’ Campaign For YMCA Of Greater New York

Accompany Creative, the social impact creative agency, will launch the second round of its ongoing ‘Y NYC Loves It’ campaign for the YMCA Of Greater N

Director Samuel Bayer Unveils Creative Labor of Love, Short Film “TIME”; Collaborates With Arcade Editor Matt Laroche

The film tells a story of love and mortality, starring Odom Williams and Betty Williams, a couple from South Central Los Angeles that have been marrie

This tree ornament supports women-owned businesses - from BMO and FCB Canada

As part of its longstanding commitment to support the financial progress of women-owned businesses, BMO is building on last year’s popular #WrapTheGoo

Christmas lights for 24 murdered women - Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House)

In this year's Christmas campaign Sweden's largest women's shelter – Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House) – sheds new light on the dea

Gröna Lund - Winter Wonderland! (2022) :30 (Sweden)

Come and celebrate the winter season at Gröna Lund!

Manor - "Cosmic Christmas" (2022) (Switzerland)

The Christmas season is about sharing, cheerfulness and spreading joy. You always want to spoil your loved ones.

"timeTo" re-releases its uncomfortable-to-watch Christmas party film - bringing sexual harassment to light during the party season

Ahead of the first true post-Covid Christmas party season, timeTo and Lucky Generals have relaunched a hard-hitting and uncomfortable short film askin

timeTO - ‘Where do you draw the line?’ / Christmas party (2022) (UK)

What starts off as a bubbly Christmas party with colleagues sharing a laugh quickly turns uncomfortable as a third colleague arrives.

Zulu Alpha Kilo - Left-Handed Mango Chutney (2022) 2:15 (Canada)

Zulu Alpha Kilo muses about the advertising industry in this film, once again shining a light on how absurd it is at times.

Hospitality Rising creates campaign to demonstrate the fun and opportunity to be had in hospitality

Hospitality Rising creates the BIGGEST advertising recruitment campaign that the UK has ever seen to change the perception of working in hospitality f

The search for the most useless office perk in the world

A mailroom punching bag. Tuna cans with no can opener. A folded-up exercise machine.

Dan Wieden, the ad legend who launched Nike as a brand, has just left us.

Dan Wieden, the architect, creative guru and gifted manager who built what is arguably the most famous ad agency in the world, died Friday, Sept.

Flos - Vincent Van Duysen (2022) 4:14 (Italy)

C41, in collaboration with Flos, presents the portrait of the world-renowned designer Vincent Van Duysen.

Vice - The Unfiltered History Tour (Digital)

The Unfiltered History Tour is a guerrilla tour of the British Museum's stolen artefacts.

Gröna Lund - Halloween på Gröna Lund! (2022)

Halloween med kvalitetssäkrad skräck! Vågar du möta dina värsta mardrömmar?

Political party MED are returning voters' money - in cash!

On Nya Torg in Höör, Anna Jung and her party mates from Medborgerlig Samling stood today and handed out a hundred notes to surprised Höör residents.

AMC Theatres - "We Make Movies Better" / Nicole Kidman (2022) :60 (USA)

Movies are back.

Liberalerna / The Liberals - Frihet måste försvaras / Fredom must be defended (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Election film for the Liberal party 2022.

Alternativ för Sverige / AfS - Alternative for Sweden election film (2022) 4:00 (Sweden)

Yes, settle in, it's yet another Swedish election ad.

Sweden Democrats covered a train with ads - and were reported for "inciting hatred against ethnic groups"

Sweden Democrats don't generally do well when they advertise in the subway-underground-metro system of Stockholm.

Sweden Democrats "So much stronger - Make Sweden great again" election song 2022

Så mycket starkare - Sverigedemokraternas vallåt 2022 - Gör Sverige bra igen

Vänsterpartiet / The Left Party - Who acts when others just talk? (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Vänsterpartiet / The Left Party has arrived on the scene with this year's election ad!

Conoco - Walk (2022) :15 (USA)

From Gilly the Goer taking a dreamy cruise behind the wheel of a bed-like automobile, to Gilbert the Goer, a tiny cheetah sporting a large sock as a s

Conoco - Teachings (2022) :15 (USA)

Many Teachings can teach you much.

Conoco - Lost (2022) :15 (USA)

concludes with a pit stop at the Conoco station — from Gilly the Goer taking a dreamy cruise behind the wheel of a bed-like automobile, to Gilbert the

Conoco - Existential Dread (2022) :15 (USA)

Conoco "Choose Go" - Each :15 film follows a different character on a whimsical adventure that begins and concludes with a pit stop at the C

Conoco - Stop (2022) :15 (USA)

Go! No, wait stop!

The propaganda wars are heating up - "It's time to move to Russia" vs "We do talk about war in this country"

In Copyranters latest substack, "TIME TO MOVE TO RUSSIA"—a measured review, he's unearthed a Russian propaganda piece to review.
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On - The OAC Run for each other (2022) :90 (Germany)

‘Run for Each Other’ represents the gritty determination and formidable team spirit of the track runners competing at the World Athletics this year.

Social Democrats - "Our Sweden can do better" election film / Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Stockholm agency "Familjen" reframes car slogans for public transportation. - print

Car slogans. They will promise you the world. Like Acura: "The road will never be the same"
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The Royal Ontario Museum - Immortal (2022) 6:00 (Canada)

When my firstborn decided to finally arrive, she was two weeks late but suddenly in a hurry. 

BetterUp - Prince Harry / "What does the term mental fitness mean to you?" (2022) :15 (USA)

"What does the term mental fitness mean to you?"

New Billboard in Moscow shows Pippi Longstocking and Moomin as puppets to the USA

DON'T BE TOYS IN ANOTHER HANDS! All this will end with stupid fun on a pile of garbage, noise and uproar, as it has been all my life ...

The KD youth party in Sweden are campaigning on the beach, gain more press as the strategy is accused of being sexist.

It's an election year in Sweden, which means all the parties are fighting for everyone's attention.

"Alaska is ours!" billboard campaign runs in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

A photo of one of the banners was posted on social networks by Vladimir Vladimirov.

Jerone Davison just ran a campaign ad complete with Klansmen and his AR-15

Jerone Davison is running for congress for the state of Arizona, and he's just come out with an ad that is sure to get talked about everywhere. 

Motorola - The Batwing "M" is ready for summer - promos (2022) France

Motorola and its agency heaven surrounded themselves again with digital artists to express the diversity of interpretations of their new slogan, “T’as

Foreign Fauna - "Detached" (2022) 2:15 (USA)

“In Detached, we meet a man who’s woken up on the smug side of the bed.


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