1000 Nescafé Red mugs - (2014) Croatia

Croatian agency Drap made this little event for Nescafé, locking thousands of red Nescafé mugs to bridges, benches and fences in parks. Anyone with a Nescafé app could exchange the mug for two cups of coffee at a nearby station, and the could even keep the sought after red mug. I like how this is clearly done responsibly, as it's time-limited, I'm assuming that they cleaned up after each event and made sure to take down any unused red mugs still locked to a fence. There are three questions you need to ask before making a brief, I've explained this before, are we expanding market - or expanding market (brand) share? Do we want a trial or increased consumption? Do we have a USP or are we branding? Clearly the answer here is that they're branding, the big takeaway is red cups which = Nescafé, as everything else they're talking about applies to all any any coffees. Or teas. Or beer for that matter.

Ad agency: Drap

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I saw this one and I love it.