Big Red - The New Pump Bottle - (2013) :45 (USA)


Big Red - The New Pump Bottle - (2013) :45 (USA)

Big Red are continuing their campaign strategy of .. lets name it 'spoofvertising'. Like their rather gross BBQ bottle, this product doesn't actually exist, but the spoof ad may help you remember the real product the next time you're in the soft drink aisle. Here we revisit the early 90s/ late 80s, with breakdancing, green graffitti-typography and superbly annoying music. It's so real, I'm having Fresh Prince flashbacks! The break-dancers only take a break to demonstrate the product of the era, the pump. You see, with a few easy pumps, the Pump Bottle adds carbonation in the event that your Big Red goes flat. It's brilliant! Just like those shoes that did nothing to help you slam dunk.

Agency: Real Normal/Beef & Sage
Copywriter: Beef & Sage
Executive Producer: Toby Schwartz
Director: Kirk Johnson
Art Director: Sam Webber
Director of Photography: Nathanael Vorce
Editor: Beef & Sage
Production Services: Real Normal


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