Tattoo ads eyesore

When we suggested tattoo ads a couple of years back in Pigeon-Holed, we were just kidding. Tonya Hardings, Todd Bridges' and Danny Bonaduces skin is apparently for rent. The Nevada Athletic Commission has tried to ban these temporary tat ads.

Bernard Hopkins has made about $100,000 with Golden Palace's "body billboard" plan.

quote from article:

Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, who has worn the casino's Internet address on his back in bouts. NBA star Rasheed Wallace was approached to wear ad tattoos last season, but his agent passed.

The idea of athletes using their bodies to promote companies is attracting a growing number of critics.

The Nevada Athletic Commission has tried to ban them, saying they "demean" the sport of boxing.

The NBA bans the wearing of "corporate insignia" except on shoes and league-supplied gear. Yes, that includes players' bodies, says spokesman Mike Bass.

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