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How to get a lion

Well, you buy one on eBay of course! what the heck?!

VIM - Prison Visitor (2004) 0:30 (Canada)

Nintendo - Save the Pinata - SPEC (2003) :60 (Canada)

Budweiser - Magic Beer - SPEC (2003) :90 (Canada)

Nutrigrain - I feel Great - SPEC - (2003) 1:30 (Canada)

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Canada woefully lacking in TV commercials

A new study has come to the conclusion that Canada is lacking in TV commercials which "translates into significant lost economic opportunity,&quo

Bavaria - Beach Babe Bottle Voodoo - (2003) :30 (Canada)

Bikini babe is controlled by a man holding a beer bottle. Or so he thinks. She knows you're looking, dude.

UPDATED - Molson Canadian gets in touch with its feminine side. And goes plaid.

While Miller Light and Coors Light battle breasts in Boobwar 2K3, USA's Great White North neighbor is getting mighty clever with its Miami agency

Requiem for an Idea

A short film, produced to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of The Bessies, Canada's broadcast advertising awards, follows the twists and turn

Randall Cosco gets Adbusters shown on CNN

Vancouver based photographer Randell Cosco has burned a few bridges and flags in his life, but he wasn't quite prepared for the hoopla his image

Mark Etting - Marketingmag [Canada tradepress]

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Canadian and Australian beer infused rants!

Beer and patriotism go together - that's just the way it is. But to copy the famous Canadian "rant", except down in Oz?

Canada and Australia have a lot in common.

Molson - Joe Canadian / The Rant - :60 (2000) Canada

also known as "The Rant"

CCA PSA - House Hippo - (1999) :30 (Canada)

A&W - Meaty Frothy Juicy / Jingle - (1981) :30 (Canada)

A&W jingle that ran in the 80s - SING ALONG!


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