DOVE BELEZA REAL "Real beauty beats" (2016) 3:44 (Portugal)

Dove once again sets out to educate us in a "social experiment," this time, men. The men first look at women they don't know, while their heart rates are monitored. The men for their part, must realize they could be part of a social experiment that could shame them so the way they describe the different women is very innocuous and surface level. It's less "She's hot," then "She is beautiful," or curiously "She looks photoshopped," which sounds like an insult to the model. At one point a man says "of course, I don't know her," as to suggest how can he possibly describe what he feels except in the most superficial way?
Where I thought they were going to go here is that they would then bring out the models to have the men meet them in an effort to see how their perception changed. Instead they started to project images of their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers to see what would happen. Of course their heart rates went up and of course they were much more eloquent when describing their relatives and loved ones. Which goes to prove that the more you know someone, the more beautiful they are. This doesn't seem as stunning a revelation as say, Dove's Real Beauty Sketches where they hired a police sketch artists to have women describe themselves. Also, I'm not really sure who this ad is really meant for. The idea that Real Beauty Touches The Heart is interesting. I'm just not sure if it would have been a better ad if women were sitting there instead of men.

Client: Dove Beleza Real
Agency: Black Ship

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