Kanye West sued for infringement

First the guy has the audacity to create the world's worst video for "Bound 2." Now we come to understand that the amazing sample -- the one that gets stuck in your head over and over of the child singer dripping with darkness and queasy greasy awesomeness repeating "Bound to fall in Love" over and over, has been straight up ripped off.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Ricky Spicer, the source of that angelic voice, has slapped a lawsuit against Kanye, Island Def Jam, Roc-A-Fella et al, for using the sample without permission.

Spicer's own story is quite impressive. He was living in an orphanage when he was discovered and put in a boy band with two sets of twins, a sort of Jackson Five except they weren't a true family. They were Ponderosa Twins Plus One. Their album 2+2= 1, is straight up mind blowing amazing, and should not have been relegated to footnote status, just as it should not have been ripped off by Kanye. Their original version of "Bound," should be a hit in its own right. And the fact these were kids singing it? Insane.

Now Kanye? He's done enough stupid things to last a lifetime, like interrupting Taylor Swift, making boneheaded Anti-semitic remarks and forcing us to watch this shit sandwich of a video starring horses, sunsets, motorcycles and Kim Kardashian-on-quaaludes humping his giant ego.

But this? This takes everything. Dude's got more money than God, just signed a huge deal with Adidas, but he can't be arsed to pay up for a song sample written by a guy who in his own way, paved the road for people like Kanye to come along.

Hopefully the whole band can get in on this.

Merry Christmas!

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