Malin Nilsdotter - Princess Tuvstarr (2020)

Malin Nilsdotter creates jewelry with a clear nod to fantasy and fairytales, so it makes sense that her new commercial for her brand would be a modern take of an old fairytale.  

The fairytale she chose was In Helge Kjellin's "The Tale of the Moose Bull Skutt and the Little Princess Tuvstarr" which was released in a beloved children's book in 1913. In the tale, the thin, bright, and delicate little princessTuvstarr is lost in a forest with the moose bull Skutt. Her crown, dress, and eventually her golden heart are all robbed from her by forest trolls and nymphs while she's on this adventure. It ends with her staring into a lake, longing for what she has lost. 

Tuvstarr still sits and looks down into the water (John Bauer 1913)

Malin's accessory lines are often sparkly, gothic, nods to fantasy and fairytales, so it makes sense to pay homage to this one. Naturally, it's modernized so instead of a twee feathery light and bright child princess with hair longer than her body, we now have Swedish-Thai Instagram model and beauty activist Lovisa Lager in that dark forest moment, mirroring her nude body with the dark body of forest water.

In this version of the fairytale, Princess Tuvstarr leaves the ending of the fairytale to return to the forest only to meet a new fairy in a purple outfit (played by Eric White), in dreadlocks, and wings, directing her to a rave in the forest. 

The rave, which turns out to be what seems to be an iPhone inspired slow-motion study in movement, introduces us to the new elves. They are played by dance students from the Stockholm academy of dance, and the DJ:in musical duo Rebecca and Fiona, as well as Malin Nilsdotter herself.

The director and screenwriter, Joanna Nordahl, brings the modern fairy take to a somewhat humorous end by noting that perhaps princess Tuvstarr just forgot her heart of gold "in her other purse". 

Fairytale purists might not like a very different princess Tuvstarr, but they are very likely not the market either. Laird Borrelli-Persson, who as you can tell by the name is married to a Swede, loved it, and is the target market. She's a self-confessed Swedophilie, and as such likely enjoys watching deconstructions more than traditionalists. With her enjoyment, the brand got good PR in Vogue magazine and reached the audience that would enjoy Maria Nilsdotter's jewelry.

I'll just be an old school "fairytale" - no, just advertising - purist and note that I would appreciate shorter edits of things, and I wonder if anyone watched this whole movie, apart from the people who created it. 

Client and Creative Director: Malin Nilsdotter

Director: Joanna Nordahl

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