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Paola Kudacki Inspires More Love and More Hugs in Kohl’s Holiday Ad

Moving joyously to the beat of Earth, Wind & Fire, the spot whimsically calls for audiences to outfit this season in style (and savings). 

Louis Vuitton - Holiday - Vivienne and bear LV (2022) (France)

The film was directed by Gary Freedman, a multi-awarded director (5 Gold Lions, several D&ADs…) including Canal+ “The Emperor’s March” and Ikea “W

Maison Simons - “All is Beauty”

Simons Launches “All is Beauty” as a Catalyst for Change Canadian fashion retailer Maison Simons, in partnership with Broken Heart Love Affair, urg

Tuff’s Joe Mischo Directs 'EYE OF THE STORM’ Basketball Brand Film for New Balance

Mischo composed the spot to channel these experiences into his love for basketball and the exploration of the internal and external states of dedicate

Outdoor Afro Inc. and REI Co-op Launch Clothing Collaboration with Social Media Campaign by Invisible Collective

REI Co-op + Outdoor Afro Inc. "We Are Nature" campaign in collaboration with Invisible Collective, TONL, and Curator.

Dua Lipa stars in new LIBRE fragrance TVC created by BETC Etoile Rouge

In the new campaign, Dua Lipa is directed by a woman for the first time: the award-winning Nigerian-British director Jenn Nkiru.

Gucci - The Exquisite Gucci Campaign (2022) :90 (UK)

“I’ve always been charmed by cinema.

The North Face - Summer of Pride with Pattie Gonia (2022) :60 (USA)

North face wants to celebrate pride by letting everyone know they should go outside.

Red Wing Honors Trade Workers’s Inspiring Stories With Two New Short Films

The US shoe brand teams up with Farm League to highlight the unique and deeply personal stories of Shelly Abbott and E.J. Engler

Tanishq Jewellery - ‘The Interview’ (2022) 1:55 (India)

Meet Radhika! She’s surely a promising candidate with charisma and a whole lot of rich experience.
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Orlebar Brown + Wham! - Present Club Tropicana (2022) :30 (UK)

With help from WHAM!

Lacoste - I go for the Lacoste Polo (2022) :30 (France)

On a beach, Marga meets Anis – who could be the same age as her grandson – and is surprised to be wearing the same pink polo shirt as him.

Lacoste - Unexpected encounters while wearing the universal brand.

Since 1933, the Lacoste crocodile has transcended time, style and genre – it roams over a limitless range.

Lacoste - I choose the bucket hat (2022) :30 (France)

Clearly inspired by the cool skater boy, the little girl will wear her bucket hat the way he does. 

Lacoste - I Dare the slides-and-socks (2022) :30 (France)

Everybody wears Lacoste but style it differently

Egard - What is a woman? Womanhood is a birthright (2022) 2:00 (USA)

Egard Watches are back, now that they've settled "What is a man", as a response to that famous Giletter advert that spawned a new razor

Lacoste x Théo Curin I The first-ever collection conceived by a handisport athlete

Lacoste unveils its first-ever collection conceived by a disabled athlete – the Théo Curin collection

Vestiaire Collective - Catwalk / Long Live Fashion (2022) :60 (UK)

Honestly, this is the most fun I've had in ages watching an ad. Welcome to the Vestiaire Collective fashion show, where evrything is pre-loved.

Vestiaire Collective - Long Live Fashion - puppets, print (2022)

Oh, how fun!

TOWORKFOR - "Will Smith?" (2022) :60 (Portugal)

When you can’t afford global celebrities to boost the awareness of your brand, you have to take risks.

Sweet Rickey Delivers Powerful Campaign “She Moves Us” For PUMA Featuring Singer Dua Lipa & An All Star Roster of Women Athletes

Featuring multi-talented PUMA ambassadors, including singer Dua Lipa and an incredible roster of female athletes, the campaign highlights overcoming

The UNLESS Biodegradable Hoodie - Born to Die (2022) :60 (USA)

Portland-based branding/design firm INDUSTRY has worked with some of the biggest names in Gen-Z/Millenial-targeted fashion, including Nike, Converse,
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Believe Media Director Jake Nava Makes Glad's New ForceFlex Plus a Fashion Party Statement Piece

The campaign came out of FCB's dedicated Upstream Inclusion practice led by Marc Wilson, EVP, Executive Director of Strategic Inclusion at FCB Ch

Roccamore runs a #RespectHighHeels: More women in the boardrooms campaign on International Women's Day, it backfires

Only 20% of all board members in Danish companies are female - 1 woman for every 4 men. It's 6%, if you remove family connections.

TOWORKFOR - "Tom Cruise?" (2022) :60 (Portugal)

When you can't afford big celebrities to boost the awareness of your brand, you have to take risks.

TOWORKFOR - "Wesley SNIPES?" (2022) :60 (Portugal)

In order to draw attention to the launch of its new workwear collection, the brand challenged the agency Stream and Tough Guy to create a communicati

Wearable Grapes - the designer bag of leftover grape skins

Unwasted is a collaboration overarching the wine and fashion industries to turn two cons into a pro.

The North Face SS22 - Leone / Another Dimension (2022) :30

Fueled by the desire to Never Stop Exploring, The North Face SS22 takes us on a journey into another dimension.

Skechers - “On the Road Again” (2022) :30 (USA)

Everyone from runners to mailmen is singing "on the road again", including Willie Nelson
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Skechers - Willie Nelson "Legalize" (2022) :30 (USA)

Willie Nelson is an activist and comfort expert. So there.

Burberry - Open Spaces (2021)

As the world opens up again, the campaign explores this spirit through a youthful, dreamlike lens. For the campaign film, Riccardo collaborated on th

Bhima Jewellery - Pure as love - (2021) 1:40 (India)

In India, parents buy the jewelry worn at weddings throughout their daughter's life if they don't have inherited pieces.

Cut+Run Finds Ball-ance With Hanes

The attention-grabbing commercial was edited by Cut+Run’s Frank Effron and directed by Tool’s Paul Briganti for The Martin Agency.

Thom Browne - Women's & Men's fall 2021 collection starring Lindsey Vonn (2021)

Thom Browne Hits the Slopes in Fantastical Avant-Garde Film for Fall Runway 2021 Collection Produced by Drive Studios, the striking film stars US Oly

Better Half Leverages Long-Term Creative Collaboration with Vans For Integrated “Musicians Wanted” Campaign Featuring Anderson Paak

Better Half has exploded into New Year 2021 with an innovative, integrated campaign for Vans entitled “Musicians Wanted” featuring judges Anderson Paa
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Skechers - The Romos / To the MAX! (2021) :30 (USA)

Tony Romo and his wife Candice like to max things out, which is why they like Skechers. 

EZINMA, directed by Alison Chernick, Makes Virtual Premiere in Tribeca Studios & Bvlgari's Female Trailblazers Series

Emmy, Tony, and Grammy-Award Winning Actor and Two-Time Academy Award Nominee Cynthia Erivo Joins Bvlgari & Tribeca Studios to Shine a Spotlight o

Gucci - Holiday office party 1994 #Guccigift - (2020) :30 (UK)

An office party set in a mythical early 90s where only the computer graphics are actually 90s, and everyone is dressed to the nines in the latest Gucc

Burberry ‘Singing in the Rain’ (2020) 2:00 (UK)

In this Burberry modern dance-off, Zhané Samuels is buying a kebab on Wentworth St, just steps from Pettocat lane where one would buy the cheap Burber

Thom Browne - Animal Bags / who let the bags out / fall Icons (2020) :60 (USA)

In his first collaboration with American luxury brand Thom Browne, director Jordan Blady breathes life into the label’s latest collection with his new
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Malin Nilsdotter - Princess Tuvstarr (2020)

Malin Nilsdotter creates jewelry with a clear nod to fantasy and fairytales, so it makes sense that her new commercial for her brand would be a modern

Diesel - Francesca / Nun (2020) 1:57 (Italy)

This is very well cinematically told, as it opens it's not clear whether Francesca is taking contraceptives or something else

Nike x Stussy: Exclusive to Shelflife in SA (2020) (South Africa)

Nike x Stussy - 'Minds Will Melt’ video shot by Marc Sidelsky for the upcoming Nike x Stussy pack. Exclusively available to Shelflife in SA.

Zalando - It’s what you do. Or don’t. (2020) :340 (Sweden)

In Zalando’s latest global streetwear campaign, created by the creative agency Acne, they pay an homage to the style’s ability to be the opposite of w

84.Paris launches "Cities Made To Create" to promote CHILE 20, the exclusive adidas original x Foot Locker collection

For the launch of their new CHILE 20 collection, adidas originals selected 84.Paris, an agency positioned towards new generations, and their pop and s

PUMA and Havas Media Group Tapped Firefly to Launch New Sky Dreamer Sneakers with hologram at NBA All-Star Weekend

First-ever holographic activation of its kind appeared on top of vehicles parked throughout Chicago

Nubian Skin wins TFL's diversity in advertising competition, Mayor Sadiq Khan gets backlash on Twitter

The Nubian Skin billboard above was this year's winner of the TFL's competition to improve ethnic diversity in advertising.

Adidas Originals - Superstan Stan Smith (2020) :60 (USA)

This is the new adidas Originals’ “Superstan” campaign - directed, photographed and edited by RSA Films’ Marie Schuller

Saucony - One small step (2020) :30 (USA)

What if the shoes we threw away, actually went away? Saucony announces its biodegradable collection.

AHLEM - A chic game of cat and mouse

here's a chic Godard-esque brand film from director Bo Platt.

Vans "This is DIY" (2019) 1:09 (USA)

adidas Originals OZWEEGO - Back to the future ft. Dough-Boy, Lala Takahashi and Jackson Yee (2019) :30 (China)

adidas, Hypebeast, and Fin Design + Effects Unveil Futuristic New OZWEEGO Campaign C-pop idol Jackson Yee, influencer Lala Takahashi, and rapper-pr

Macy’s Back to School - "All brand new" (2019) :30 (USA)

Spearheaded by director Maxime Bruneel, this year’s spot captures the imagination of Gen Z children embracing the first day of school with Macy’s late
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Cardi B

Reebok - Cardi B "Sport The Unexpected" (2019) :60 (USA)

"I think he's cute, but I don't think he's not calling me in two days cute, you know?" Cardi B is gossiping while getting her

Lacoste - Crocodile Inside (2019) :45 (France)

Megaforce's epic odyssey to a fragmenting relationship.

Desigual permanently flipped their logo

Gucci celebrates abortion in its latest collection

As abortion debates pop up around the The United States, and the world, Gucci weighs in for profit.

Real moms sharing awkward stories (and pics) for Mother's Day

Peoples Jewellers pays tribute to the awkward phase and the incredible moms who put up with them.

Calvin Klein - Miquela and Bella Hadid / The Kiss (2019) :30 (USA)

In the brand's first and biggest collaboration with a virtual influencer, virtual mega influencer Lil Miquela stars alongside supermodel Bella Ha

Peoples Jewellers helps Canadians express their love on a grand scale

Peoples Jewellers is handing over Canada’s largest digital billboard to Canadians who want to send their loved ones a very big and beautiful valenti
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Sketchers - Tony Romo “Easy” (2019) :60 (USA)

Tony Romo is a football legend with wallpaper taste from 2007.

Egard - What is a man? (2019) 2:00 (USA)Egard Watches

Egard Watches created this short film as a response to that Gilette ad.

Prada Pradamalia Otto & Toto characters pulled after accusations of "blackface", Prada apologises

Prada's Pradamalia is accused of being "Sambo-like imagery" and blackface on social media. Prada decided to pull the carachter.

Bundle Up for the Dig: Dickies® Traverses ‘The Frozen Tundra’ at Lambeau Field

The residents of Green Bay know a thing or two about The Frozen Tundra.

Payless Rebrands as “Palessi” for Fashion Influencer Prank

Advertising agency DCX Growth Accelerator has created a campaign on behalf of budget shoe retailer Payless that aims to dramatically change perception

Carlings - the DigitaL Clothings Collection "adDRESS THE FUTURE" (2018) :90 (Denmark)

In an effort to reduce waste, but still allow hipster Instagram fashion conscious people to show off their style, Carling created a digital clothing c

Stanton Optical - Stanton Strikes Again (2018) :30 (USA)

Stanton Optical campaign takes on the absurdity of designer eyewear Stanton Optical is taking on the ridiculously overpriced world of designer ey

Stanton Optical - The Line Up - (2018) :30 (USA)

Stanton Optical campaign takes on the absurdity of designer eyewear

Stanton Optical - The Office - (2018) :30 (USA)

Stanton Optical is taking on the ridiculously overpriced world of designer eyeglasses in their newest campaign, “Designer Looks Without the Drama.” Cr

Life is Good "The power of optimism" (2018) 1:30 (USA)


The Fish Necklace - Peoples Loves Lovebirds

Peoples Jewellers, fans of all types of love, makes a one-of-a-kind necklace for endangered African penguin couple at the Toronto Zoo

Koio "Starstruck" (2017) 3:12 (USA)


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