Miller Lite catches backlash for women's history month ad in May

Now, this is quite odd timing, to me. In march Miller Lite made an ad to celebrate brewsters, and now two months later after all the heat that Bud Light caught over a single Dylan Mulvany instagram sponsorship, the Miller Lite ad has gone viral. This tweet, claiming "Miller Lite has gone woke", has 8.6 million views.

Muse By Clio's David Gianatasio reports: "Now, more than two months later, the clip's gone viral, generating copious controversy and coverage, with some folks on social accusing the brand of pandering to woke sensibilities and/or being out of touch with its core male audience. The spot's launch preceded the Bud Light dust-up surrounding transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney."


The Daily Mail are still on a high from getting so many Dylan Mulvany clicks and wanting more, I think. While I didn't give the ad a favorable review, it's only the laddish tone of voice that bothers me. But if you really want to read a conspiracy into it, Miller Lite are encouraging the destruction of historical evidence of beer ads being often sexist and crap. You can keep trying, but the Miller light Catfight and all of it's variants (including the male catfight one) will never leave my servers. I might give it up if you buy me a brewery, Miller.


Miller Lite - Catfight - Network Version (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Miller Lite - Catfight - Cable Version (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Miller Lite - Catfight II: Girl Interrupted

Miller Lite - Catfight II: Big Nasty (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Miller Lite - Catfight III: Dawgfight (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Miller Lite - Catfight - Pillow Fight (2003) - 0:30 (USA

Beer ads fail to seduce women

"laddish beer ads accused of alienating women the Guardian. Interbrew believes women are turned off by images of beer-swilling blokes such as those seen in the recent "He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian" campaign for Foster's.

NCAA blocks 'cat fight' beer ad

"The NCAA is now vetting beer commercials. The Miller light "the second generation" of Cat Fight Girls commercials, as NCAA president Myles Brand described them, didn't make the cut, according to the Indianapolis star."

It ain't over until the phat ladies swing.

"Love it or hate it, Miller Lite's Catfight advert wasn't a one-hit wonder. It's about to become a full-fledged campaign. And then? The sitcom!"

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I concur that it doesn't really compare to Bud Light, but I believe individuals are growing weary of the constant display of woke virtue-signaling. What may have elicited a mere eye roll in the past is now a significant source of conflict. People simply want it to end.

I have some doubts about the timing of the complaint. It seems a bit suspicious that they waited two months after the ad aired to voice their concerns. Many are claiming that they are merely "following in Bud Light's footsteps," but it should be noted that these ads were released simultaneously. The Bud Light Dylan Mulvany partnership was in March too.

The idea that Miller wants our help to eradicate the evidence of their past ads is funnier than the ad.

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I'm the reasonable sort, I'll give the archive of ads up to them if they hand me a successful brewery so that I can be a brewster. ;)