Anti-gun PSA Evolve - if they find it they will play with it - (2015) press

"If they find it they will play with it" is the truth that propels the visuals of kids making bunny ears of condoms, having sword fights with dildos and taping menstruation pads to their chests, something even adult men do in adland. Anyone who has baby proofed a house, or worse not, knows that kids will get into everything. These press ads continue the idea acted out so well in last years perfectly awkward "playthings / dildo" commercial, and I see they're whittled down the tagline a notch, getting rid of that unnecessary "so". Good. They still might be preaching to the converted, but if ut sells more gun safes or even changes just one persons bad habits, it's all good.

Agency: McCann New York
Client: Evolve
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Thomas Murphy
Associate Creative Director: Ferdinand Daniele
Associate Creative Director: Tom Weingard
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
VP, Senior Art Producer: Wendy Leahy
Print Producer: April Gallo
Photographer: The Selby
Photographer: Kevin Zacher

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