Political party MED are returning voters' money - in cash!

In Sweden in a town called in Höör, Anna Jung and her party mates from Medborgerlig Samling stood today and handed out one hundred kronor notes to surprised Höör residents.

The cash was attached to flyers with a picture of Robin Hood and the word "tax refund". Several passers-by stopped and asked the politicians why they were handing out money, and with that, they learned more about the political party itself. A new twist on "Paid attention", if you will.

Medborgerlig Samling in Höör has received SEK 131,355 in "party support", money which they have consistently refused to use. This party support is an example of unnecessary waste of taxpayers' money, the party believes. So now they are returning the support to the citizens. In cold hard cash. I think it's better stunt than burning the money, which the party called Feminist Initiative did back in 2010.

On the left, Chair of Medborglig samling in Skåne, Sindra Petersson Årsköld and on the right, Anna Jung,

- "Höör's residents should not pay for political gimmicks, caps, balloons and nonsense", says Anna Jung, member of the Höör Municipal Council for MED since 2018. "They should instead get their money back. We politicians need to focus on core activities and lowering taxes."

Every year, just over 1.2 billion tax kroner go to support the elected political parties. They determine the level of this contribution themselves, and as the parties have gained fewer members, they have increased the party support. No tax withdrawals shall be made for unnecessary expenses such as party support. Therefore, we are now returning the party support we received to the citizens of Höör. All SEK 131,355,  in cash.

Edward Nordén, a member of Medborgerlig Samling's party board, was also present.

- "This may seem like a joke, but the fact is that we are raising a serious democratic problem here today. The party support system cements the power of the already established parties, and makes it extremely difficult for new political movements to make themselves heard. The support is used to a large extent for marketing - in other words, the taxpayers pay to have the parties' views rammed down their throats. Who wants to pay for that? Where is the social benefit? Let the parties get by on their membership fees", says Edward Nordén.


Residents in Höör should double check any election material that pops into their mailbox, as it may contain cash!

The elections in Sweden will take place on Sunday, September 11.

A facebook post from a surprised Höör resident who almost threw the cash away.
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