dinner party


Amazon’s Alexa - Mind Reader / Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost (2022) :90 (USA)

Scarlett Johansson and her husband and SNL comedian, Colin Jost star together in this extended cut for Amazon Alexa.

Amazon - Alexa loses her voice (2018) :90 (USA)

Maille Mustard - Be a memorable guest (2014) 1:20 (UK)

Hats off to adam&eveDDB for what has to be one of my favourite ads of the year. And yet there's so much that could have gone wrong...

Twist - dinner party - (2004) 0:45 (Norway)

Brandt - Oven - 2000 (2000) :30 (UK)

Brandt - Oven - 2000 (2000) :30 (UK)

Felix dishes - "Italy, Stroganoff and Hawaii" for the party (1975) :60 (Sweden)

Felix dishes, he can make "Italy pan", "stroganoff pan" and "Hawaii pan" straight in the pan.

Ost / Cheese - The Cheese party (1972) no subtitles (Sweden)

Cheese! This family likes to have friends over, but like so many worry about having to prepare meals.
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