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As hurricane Dorian pummels the Bahamas, Coke ads cheerfully speak about "waves"

As hurricane Dorian, a terrifying cat 5, pummeled the Abaco and Grand Bahama islands in the Bahamas people searched social media for news.

One Year On, And Half A Million Rohingya Children Are Still In Makeshift Shelters In Dire Need Of Help

BRAC and Texel Foundation urge companies and individuals to not forget the children of the Rohingya crisis

Ad Council "Our turn to help" (2016) :30 (USA)

The Lousiana floods
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Ad that reads: Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11 as reply to DDB WWF ad

In response to the DDB Brazil 911 Tsunami ad kerfluffle and DDB commercial for WWF 911, Truth Machine TM thought they were really clever when they did

Twin towers 911 in advertising. Not new, so why the backlash this time?

Scarred adgrunts know that the image of burning twin towers have been used in advertising before. Why the backlash this time?

Solidarités - Titanic / Twin Tower ad

Bad drinking water is comparable to one Titanic + 2 WTC towers... times 2000?

DDB Worldwide CEO apologizes | One show banned scam ads | WWF 911 ad still bad.

Well, since we haven't posted anything about WWF / DDB Brazil ad controversy since Friday when the bomb dropped that One Show would ban scam ads

DDB Brazil did make a commercial for WWF 911 / Tsunami - it was submitted to Cannes Lions 2009.

Yesterday emails were flying around the globe where people wondered about the consistency from DDB, first denying they ever made a commercial in their

WWF - 911 vs Tsunami TV commercial - (2009) 1:30 (Brazil)

Before you get your knickers in a twist, you should read all the updates in the DM9DDB Brazil 911 / Tsunami ad post - after that you may proceed.

DDB Brazil 911/Tsunami ad gets one hundred angry comments at Adfreak (updated, yet again)

Looks like DDB Brazil achieved what they wanted with this WWF ad, notoriety. Over at Adfreak it has gotten 100 ticked off comments.

AOL - The internet is a good thing / White (2005) :60 (UK)

"Some people think the internet is a good thing."

Right Guard - Ban / Attack (2003) :30 (USA)


Reminded of WTC disaster by Right Guard ad

Right Guard ran a television advert for the deodorant which showed a man running down a dust-filled stairwell to escape a collapsing office block.

Union Carbide - Science Helps Build a New India (1962) printad

"A hand in things to come"
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