flash mob

Tic Tac - Worst breath in the world - flash mob with fainting people - (2012)

This is a cruel, cruel stunt.

TNT - "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square" - stunt, Belgium

To launch TNT - "we know drama" - in Belgium, Turner decided to take the drama to the streets.

Contrex - Contrexperience (English) - (2011) 1:40 (France)

A few ladies that are walking in a crowded city square discover pink stationary bikes on the town square. What do these do?

T-mobile - Welcome Back / acapella singing at Heathrow (2010)

An acapella welcoming committee sing everything from "The Boys are back in town" to "I am the passenger".

BedreBustur.DK - Mukhtars Birthday / Flash Mob

You might think we've done all the variants of hidden camera filming and flash mobbing combinations by now.

Heathrow Terminal 5 - The world's largest mistletoe - (2009) :30 (UK)

The world's largest sprig of mistletoe hangs in the ceiling at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Telia Sweden "pauses" Stureplan in Stockholm. Homage to Improv Everywhere, anyone?

Storåkers in Stockhom were so impressed by Improv Everywhere's fantastic Frozen Grand Central that they repeated the event, except as an ad for T
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