Doritos - Bold Love / Lesbian couple - eng. sub. (2023) 2:00 (Mexico)

A lesbian couple are driving somewhere at night. One is eating Doritos, and then turns to look at her lover declaring "I love you so much".

GAY TIMES and Grey London launched Amplifund campaign - "Incomplete Without the T" (2021) (UK)

GAY TIMES and Grey London have launched Amplifund campaign - Incomplete Without the T.

Oreo - Proud Parent / Going Home (2021) 2:57 (USA)

Coming home with the serious long-term girlfriend is a nerve-wrecking deal for this young lesbian.
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Lacta Mondelēz - See The Love (2020) 2:00 (Greece)

Lacta Mondelēz want you to see the love.

Coca-Cola features gay couples kissing in Hungary, an online petition calls for a boycott and ban of such ads.

At least one leading politician from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party and conservative media outlets have called for boycotting Coke products or banning

Sephora - They / Ze / Xe - We Belong to Something Beautiful (2019) 1:40 (USA)

Sephora explains that this is their “Identify as We” campaign, which celebrates the transgender and non-binary community and "our long history in

Visit Las Vegas - Now And Then / Let's Get Married (2019) 3:00 (USA)

This three-minute short film follows the evolution of two women's relationship. We see flashbacks of their first date in Las Vegas

IKEA Canada - Wonderful World (2017) :90 (Canada)

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Expedia - Find Your Understanding - Wedding - (2012)

Oy, we're a bit heavy on the violins here Expedia...

House of Exposure - Helmut Red by Jenny Shimizu (2012) print (USA)

A lady who has taken on life with the boldness and beauty of the perfect red lipstick is Jenny Shimizu, the mechanic who then became a top model, and

French Connection Kung-Fu Lesbian Ad Causes Complaints


Two pop babes on the hood, can they sell Mazda?

Clothestime - "Ladies Room" (2001) :30 (USA)

A woman enters the nightclub ladies' room, and admires another woman's dress.

Lynx - Jelousy - (1996) 0:60 (UK)

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