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New Yorkers loathe the new "WE❤️NYC" logo and campaign

“We❤️NYC” is a 21st Century version of the 70’s “I❤️NY”

Ben Adler & Chris Saunders (Ben&Chris) Direct Dopamine Driven Campaign for Bentley

Produced by Believe Media, the spot unites premium legacy with the profound and euphoric dopamine rush of driving this new bespoke variation of the fa

Cut+Run’s Robert Ryang Cooks with Frank’s RedHot

This humorous culinary cautionary tale is destined to make sure that foodies everywhere Frank it Up and add that perfect blend of flavor and heat to t

Plenity’s “Who Said” Via Agency The&Partnership Embraces Fresh Motivation With Audio To Match

Sonic Union was approached by The&Partnership for a full suite of sonic solutions – music, sound, and audio.

Kommune|NoSlate Create, Produce And Post New Global SAP Ad “Dear Business”

Strong Creative Gets Noticed Pushing What Was To Be Digital-Only Spot To Global Broadcast Media Ad Buy - A Match made in hell / Devil date 2020 (2020) :90 (USA)

A Love Story for the ages. Or at least this age.

“I Happen to Like New York” - A Loving Tribute to New Yorkers and the City’s Front-Line Workers

Arts & Sciences’ new PSA film for United Way New York City celebrates the city’s innate ability to retain its essence, even in the face of a globa

Montefiore Health System: "In honor of all the brave nurses. Now and forever."

Alto and Montefiore Health System has thrown a ticker-tape parade for the nurses of New York, just in time for International nurses day and nurses wee

Excelsior #EverUpward, a Short Film Directed by Elle Ginter and Stephania Dulowski, is a Love Letter to New Yorkers During Quarantine

Directed by Elle Ginter and Stephania Dulowski, Excelsior #EverUpward is a three-minute film that is the culmination of numerous sleepless nights spen
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Havas Media Group and PUMA Launch Inaugural OOH In-Motion Campaign

Havas Media Group drives full speed into the future of programmatic advertising with the launch of its latest campaign for PUMA in partnership with Fi

SAP "Feedback Street" (2019) 1:13 (USA)

Michael Ian Black has questions. I have some feelings about his performance.

Washington Post : Democracy Dies in Darkness (2019) 1:10 (USA)

At five million per thirty seconds, this ad for the Washington Post, narrated by Tom Hanks, cost at least ten million dollars to make.

New York Lotto "Bodega Cat" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

I have no idea why Cyrus the bodega cat is rewarding his owner with a scratch off lottery ticket after the owner has scolded him for being on the coun

NYU Langone Orthopedics

To go along with its videos, Langone Orthopedics presents some OOH for New York's everyday athletes. Fun campaign.

Newspaperswork: 6 things you can miss while reading a newspaper / stunt

For the client Newspaperswork, the marketing platform for all Belgian newspaper publishers, Duval Guillaume Belgium created a little stunt that, which

New York Lottery - The Arrival - (2012) :30 (US)

The VFX wizards at MPC recently teamed up with Skunk directing team Ne-O via DDB NY to conjure an army of magical little blue-suited folks for a New Y

Mayor's Office - Made in New York - (2012) :30 (US)

The New York City Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment has released its latest Reel Jobs campaign, and the message is clear: this is the pla

Rockstar / Beaterator for SonyPSP - Chico Mann (2010)

"Nick continues to impress with his ability to take a creative concept and turn it into a final product," stated Manic Managing Director Bob

DDB Worldwide CEO apologizes | One show banned scam ads | WWF 911 ad still bad.

Well, since we haven't posted anything about WWF / DDB Brazil ad controversy since Friday when the bomb dropped that One Show would ban scam ads

DDB Brazil did make a commercial for WWF 911 / Tsunami - it was submitted to Cannes Lions 2009.

Yesterday emails were flying around the globe where people wondered about the consistency from DDB, first denying they ever made a commercial in their

WWF - 911 vs Tsunami TV commercial - (2009) 1:30 (Brazil)

Before you get your knickers in a twist, you should read all the updates in the DM9DDB Brazil 911 / Tsunami ad post - after that you may proceed.
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Russell Bates - Clown Killer - (2009) :60 (SPEC)

HBO - Voyeur - (2008) 3:07 (USA)

The campaign goal was to fortify HBO against increasing competition by strengthening the brand's relationship with super-fans.

NYC 2012 - Bugler’s Dream (2005) 2:00 (USA)

Let the games begin, New York City wants to host the Olympics.

Fleet- New York - (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Volvo V70 - Lotta Love - (1999) 0:30 (Sweden)

A bachelor would never buy a family sedan, or would he?
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Qantas - I still call Australia home / Choir (1998) 2min (Australia)

Shortly before the 1999 Superbowl, and during the Australian broadcast of the opening of the 1998 Commonwealth Games, a very special Qantas commercial

US Postal Service Global Priority Mail - No one delivers like the USPS (1996) :30 (USA)

There's a global company that can help you reach overseas markets, as if they were right next door.

Pirelli - Carl Lewis runs to New York - (1995) :60 (UK)

Carl Lewis runs to New York, over oceans, through deserts etc, "power is nothing, without control"

Zima - Rooftop BBQ - (1994) :30 (USA)

"Are those free range burgers?" Is that a young Annabelle Gurwitz saying that line? Who cares! Have a Zomething Different! Have a Zima!

I Love New York - New York State of Mind - Lady Liberty centennial (1986) :60 )USA)

This commercial highlights the centennial of the Statue of Liberty.

Honda Scooters "Walk on The Wild Side" (1985) :30 (USA)

I Love NY - Broadway / Cats / Brooke Shields (1984) :60 (USA)

After the cats "meow meow" the tune, Dreamgirls, and A Chorus Lines start singing the by now familiar jingle "I love New York", an

I Love New York - Foreign Intrigue (1982) :60 (USA)

"I'm from Kyoto, but I love New York"

"I love NY" - Stars (1982) :30 (USA)

The stars love New York.

I love NY - Broadway superstars / Lauren Bacall, Mickey Rooney & Elizabeth Taylor (1981) :60 (USA)

Don't blink or you'll miss it! That's Mickey Rooney introducing Elizabeth Taylor, who declares that she loves New York.

Sony Walkman, Walking Stereo - double page spread 1980, Japan

"Walking in stereo with hotline" as two models hang out on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

I love New York - Broadway / Sweeney Todd (1980) :60 (USA)

At night, all the stars come out! The cast from Sweeney Todd, Cats, Peter Pan

I love New York - Broadway / Dracula - The King & I (1977) :60 (USA)

"I love New York, especially in the evening"
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