World Wildlife Fund - Side by Side - (2011) :0:40 (UNITED STATES)

We wanted to share this breathtaking work for World Wildlife Fund.

Nicorette - Shark - (2010) :30

Articulate - Shark (2009) both versions (UK)

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) took issue with the joke in this ad, so only the "clean" version aired.

Snickers - Shark, Lion, Bear - print, USA

Mazda - 12 Second Thriller - Shark (2006) 0:15 (Germany)


Open up and say ahhh - All agape over Skechers.

I was flippin' through last week's Entertainment Weekly and happened upon a Skechers ad - a sequel of sorts to a she-spy action ad from a fe

Zingo - Anybody want a Zingo? Jamaica (1988) :30 (Sweden)

The jingle sets off as soon as the man yells "Anybody want a Zingo?"
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