Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate / Dick Pics

Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate
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Desperados "Bump" (2013) 2:30 (France)

Desperados Beer wants us to act like a combination of an adidas Originals campaign and Warriors, but without the violence.

adidas Originals: all Originals Represent (2012) :60 (Canada)

adidas Originals continues its love of street, style, sport and neon-wearing teenagers in this its latest "Represent," spot.

Coca-Cola - Security Cameras - (2012) :60

This clever little advert produced by Landia for Coke Latin America shows a lot of fun, quirky, crazy, lovely and hilarious scenes of people being rea

YMCA - Questions / Where did community go?

Info on the campaign from TBWA\Vancouver: It’s time we raised some important issues about the state of our community.
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Russell Bates - Clown Killer - (2009) :60 (SPEC)

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Ricola - Street argument (2003) :15 (USA)

Malaysia Truly Asia - Food and Culture / Michelle Yeo (2001) :30 (Malaysia)

Travel to Malaysia for the culture and food.

The Green cross code - "Green cross man - lesson in crossing" (1975) :50 (UK)

Yes, that's Dave Prowse best known for portraying "Darth Vader", here being the good guy helping children cross the street safely. 
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