vending machine

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Delites - the Delite-o-matic - (2012) 3:44 (Australia)

Lays - Vending Machine that makes chips from raw potato

"The Lay's machine which can be found in Buenos Aires supermarkets this fall, features an intricate system of tubes, flames and boiling wate
1 Comment - Femme-o-matic (2011) 2:23 (Belgium)

Fresh faced Dutch director Jelmar Hufen wrote and directed this little film, which comes complete with a small town full of characters, a great soundt

Diet Pepsi - Cindy Crawford / Two more Kids (2002) :45 (USA)

Nice can.

MasterCard - Australia / Desert Vending machine (1996) - 0:30 (USA)

A pilot flying around in the Australian outback spots a vending machine full of "snack-ums" and lands to get a snack.

Pepsi - Stranded (1995) :60 (USA)

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, a man battles a Pepsi vending machine with a wrinkly dollar bill that keeps getting rejected.

Diet Pepsi - Cindy Crawford / New Can / Two kids (1992) :60 (USA)

Cindy Crawford gets a Pepsi, kids stare and fall in love.

Pepsi - Cindy Crawford / Two kids / New Can (1992) :30 (USA)

Cindy Crawford drinks from a Pepsi can, and the little boys say it's beautiful.

Diet Pepsi - Michael J Fox - Mad Dog / Outfoxed (1988) :60 (USA)

There is nothing he won't do for a drink of Diet Pepsi.

Pepsi - Michael J Fox - Library / Copy machine (1987) :60 (USA)

Michael J. Fox is studying the power of suggestion in a library where everyone keeps hushing him to be quiet.
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