Fresh Film’s Luiza De Moraes gets tricky for Degree with Nonstop Protection for Aaron Wheelz

Nonstop Protection for Aaron Wheelz
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World Wheelchair Rugby - Here to win (2022) 1:30 (Canada)

If you think rugby is a tough sport, you should see wheelchair rugby. It takes a special kind of tenacity to make it in this game. Great editing here.

Leonard Cheshire - "How is your work ethic?" (2019) :80 (UK)

For disabled people the hard work never ends, and it’s time for society to work harder for them.
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Coca Cola - The Wonder of us (2018) :60 (USA)

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HowStuffWorks.com/Discovery Communications - Wheelz (2009) :30 (USA)

The second ad campaign HowStuffWorks.com from Preston Kelly launched with two new ads that build upon “Scuba Cat” campaign launched this time last yea

Apple Computers - I'm Different (1986) :60 (USA)

"The power to be your best" was once an Apple tagline. Instead of "Think different".
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