That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

New Sony Bravia rabbit fun - see it here today - Sony Bravia Bunnies.

Read more about it here.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Alleged blatant ripoff alert!

It's hard to think that people at Passion Pictures did not have this early panoramic of ours in mind when they created this new spot for the SONY Bravia line.


To add insult to injury, someone from Passion Pictures contacted us almost two years ago asking to see samples of our work (including this panoramic) as they were interested in working with us. We sent them samples and then heard nothing from them ever again. (It should be noted though, that the more likely culprit is the ad firm who hired Passion Pictures, Fallon.)

Still, its a clever ad.

comments from Kozyndan



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Am I the only one who thinks of Apple iMacs and not Sony Bravia when I hear the song they used?

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Yeah, I definitely see the swirling iMacs when I hear that Rolling Stone song.

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Balls is still best.

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Great. I didn't even get to the commercial or the music. All those 'facts' that appeared while loading had my sceptic brain going crazy. Now I have to check them all out to see if they are true.

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I knew all but one of the facts about color. (I can vouch for their veracity). ;-)

The one I didn't know was about Carrots. Carrots are apparently available in many colors - the familiar orange, red, yellow, purple, and white (to name most of them). These are specialty/novelty versions.

The western carrot (the one we're familiar with) "emerged in the Netherlands in the 15th or 16th century, its orange colour making it popular in those countries as an emblem of the House of Orange and the struggle for Dutch independence. The orange colour results from abundant carotenes in these cultivars." *

* = from Wikipedia

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I am still sceptical of the claims colours can affect mood, hunger, etc.

While watching the ad, I was waiting for the twirling iMacs to appear, or a rabbit to come out of a top hat.

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Everybody wants 12 seconds of fame...

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I'd forgotten the details of the iMac ad... until hearing the music.

As a piece of stop-motion animation, it's outstanding. But it seems the weakest of the Bravia ads.

Having established the bunny characters, why wander off into abstract shapes? The wave shape *is* suspiciously like the Kozyndan picture, and the tumbling blocks just make you think even more of Apple Macs.

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I loved it but then again, I'm a total sucker for stop motion animation and I really liked that they allowed people to wander into the frame and watch as it happened.

Also, I knew that carrots were once purple (you can still get them at good stores). Blame the Oranje Dutch royals for the orange ones.

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I saw it on TV yesterday, and it's certainly more striking on a full-size screen.

Still nowhere near the stunningness of the "Paint" one, though.

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Both paint and this one suffer from "obvious music choices". What made balls so ballsy was the song.