Ventriloquist Cop vs. Ad Agency over Colorado Lottery ad.

I don't know what is dumber. The ad, the cop with the dummy, or the lawsuit.

So, here's the scoop: the cool folks at Karsh & Hagan Communications Inc., the brains behind Colorado Lottery ads, are finding themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Picture this: a San Francisco cop with a knack for ventriloquism, Officer Bob Geary, is throwing shade at the Denver ad agency. Why? They used his mug without a nod in a TV ad for the Colorado Lottery.

Now, Officer Geary is the guy who made waves by patrolling with his sidekick—a wooden puppet cop named Brendan O'Smarty. The police big shots tried to rain on his puppet parade in '93, but Geary fought back with a public petition that hit the jackpot.

Karsh & Hagan got wind of this puppet saga, hired an actor to play Geary in their "Stranger Things Have Happened" campaign, and named the cop segment "Dummy."

Here's the twist—the ad shows Geary using his puppet to lay down the law on traffic, something he's never done. The voice-over spills the beans about a San Francisco initiative letting a cop carry his ventriloquist dummy on patrol.

Geary, who uses his puppet as a chill way to deal with street situations, ain't amused. According to the lawsuit, he takes his dummy duties seriously, seeing it as a tool to teach kids about policing.

But here's the kicker: Geary's not thrilled about being the face of a lottery ad, especially if it involves enforcing traffic rules with a puppet. He's crying foul, saying they used him to lure kids into gambling. He's worried he's now Mr. Gambling and all things adult and sinful.

Geary just wants his good name back, a public apology, and maybe a little cash on the side. It's like they turned him into the Joe Camel of lottery ads, and he's not having it. Stay tuned for the next episode of "Vent Cop vs. Ad Agency." 🎭🎰

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