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Analyzing, reviewing and collecting ads for 23 years, delivering "all the adnews not fit to print" like audio and video.
We are currently offline due to a DMCA request from a US legal council claiming to represent Bridgestone, who also claimed trademark infringement, regarding an article about an award winning Thai ad that we wrote in 2003. Bizarre, yes.
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The point of adland® was to share knowledge and learn

Studying advertising, I found that resources were hard to come by. Commercials, billboards, posters, design trends, radio ads and new media ideas appeared and vanished as soon as the media buy was over. You could always find the award winners in a nice expensive bound book somewhere, but the pop-culture references were gone forever. Advertising is part of our daily lives. It's part of our culture. To learn advertising history (which, like art history reveals a lot about a society) we must collect the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not to mention the names of the agencies, production companies and clients of these campaigns. So adland® is down until a resolution can be found.
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By the way, I also made adland® limited edition handcrafted Italian black suede and leather shoes. And yes, we are trademarked.
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Safe to say, we did not expect a "24 hrs GTFO" email

So we spent our night saving data rather than sleeping.

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