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Steven Slater's epic quit makes him the most interesting man in the world

You've read about it by now, the flight attendant that got so fed up with cranky passengers and his job that he made the ultimate dramatic exit as he quit. The Fed-Up Flight Attendant Makes Sliding Exit. It's been rolling around my head since last night, when @purplesime & @mtlb we're wondering if advertising has any "I Quit" stories that dramatic. Now I finally realized why. Steven Slater is now the most interesting man in the world.

....he pulled the lever that activates the emergency-evacuation chute and slid down, making a dramatic exit not only from the plane but, one imagines, also from his airline career.
On his way out the door, he paused to grab a beer from the beverage cart.

Stay thirsty, my friends

(c'mon Dos Equis, help finance that mans defense fund by having him star in one of your ads, pretty please!)

Here's a blog post from an eyewitness: Just a little excitement on my flight today

As we rode the AirTrain to Jamaica Station, he talked about how he'd been a flight attendant for 28 years and he was fed up with this passenger who had a bag problem. He said something like "your bag's right here!" and mimed pulling the emergency slide.

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Took me a while to get up to speed on this story. And see the commentary about how he's a hero or the damage he's done to his career and possibly JetBlue, think about it a bit.

Thing is, before we even get to all that — can we ask at what point it became acceptable for customers to (allegedly) assault and swear at workers? Let alone one with a mandate to ensure safety and federal law to back him up? To act that way to a fellow human being?


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Maybe he'll be hired by Southwest, their flight attendants are so crazy. ;-)

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Had a few funny Southwest experiences. Favorite, though, on a cross-country flight — unaccompanied teenager, likely making the trip for the first time, flags down a flight attendant to inquire about the land she's seeing below and ask where we are.

Flight attendant, deadpan: "I have no idea. We've never been this far off course before."

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Ha ha ha! I gotta fly Southwest someday.