Tidsam - Buy a magazine instead / Wifi-ads - (2012)

Congratulations to the local agency The Fan Club for not only making people smile with "Köp en tidning istället" (Buy a a magazine instead), but also for becoming Creativity's pick of the day. The simple idea is to name the unattainable wifi-network as a friendly reminder that one used to buy magazines on train-stations, instead of messing about on facebook.

Hate to burt your bubble, fellas, but I've seen this idea before. Thrice.

Agency: The Fan Club
Client: Tidsam
Creative Director: Christian Barrett
Creative Director: Ola Obrant Andreasson
Art Director: Markus Lindsjö
Copywriter: Gustav Johansson

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purplesimon's picture

Haven't I already commented on this here? I'm confused.

Anyway, maybe in translation is has lost some of it's meaning, but where did they mention the magazine's name?

Also, if they gave away free wi-fi access with a code that came with the mag, that'd be better. Much better.

And finally, people don't read magazines *at* the station, but on the train. If they'd given away the code, they could have had their cake and eaten it. And maybe they did.

P.S. Yep, it's been done before. Only seen it done once, though...

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Oh, have to add: good use of Phantogram on the soundtrack of this ad.

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"Tidsam" is the name of the shop located at the station which sells only magazines. Since there's no Swedish line, I'm sot sure if they paid off their suggestion with the sender. They'll sell you any magazine, from lad-mags to ad-mags.

purplesimon's picture

Oh. Then it's not good at all. Insight is wrong.

Bloody planners ;-)

Dabitch's picture

Well, the insight is "stop mucking about on facebook her at the station when you can buy a magazine to read on your (presumably wifi-less) trip instead".

I'll note that Malmö station is used by Danish/Swedish commuters a lot. If you have 3 as a phone network there's one spot in the middle of the bridge between Denmark and Sweden where you have data-blackout for the shortest teenyest moment.

And if you're taking Danish trains for the rest of your trip, they have free wifi even on the short-route city-trains (S-tog). If you are travelling north in Sweden, you can pay a nominal fee to access decent wifi the entire ride.

So yeah, I used to be doing these trips from this station quite a bit. I never bought a magazine or a book at Tidsam. ;)