Real men like real beer for Milwaukee light

The boys from Mother NYC keep their promises, in the 10 cane post they said they'd come with more booze ads, and now they show off Milwaukee's Best Light’s new microsite. The site is full with advergames which like the poster campaign is built with stuff that appeals to the unapologetic male stereotype, the "anti-metrosexual" if you will. Their motto: "Men should act like men, and light beer should taste like beer."

The ads run in Playboy where they can be certain to reach the manly male audience (do women read Playboy for the articles? Naaah!)

"The Milwaukee's Best campaign celebrates real men who still act like men, and lets them know they haven't been forgotten. We wanted to take a modern turn on classic American beer advertising - the pinup poster - to create something that guys would love to hang up in their garages." said Paul Malmström.

Agency: Mother, N.Y.
CD: Paul Malmström, Linus Karlsson
Copywriters: Allon Tatarka, Ann Mason, Dave Clark
Art Director: Rob Baird
Art Buyer: Karla Olmedo
Photographer: Peter Gehrke

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Hidden Persuader's picture

I totally agree with Mr. Paul.
Men of the world, let's stop being politically correct. We are what we are. Simple in our tastes and needs ... ehehe

philmang's picture

i'm surprised to see the power saw in the ad with the can.... seems like just asking for a complaint/lawsuit from some dumb a** that cuts themselves after having one too many MBest's while working on the house... legal really should have caught that one...

philmang's picture

what's up with the "CORRETE" license plate?

Dabitch's picture

Doesn't it mean "cum"?

AnonymousCoward's picture

Oh please guys and gals, if this was done by DDB or BBDO it would have been panned.

In fact these "ads" were done, back in the 80's.

I've seen nothing come out of the Mother NY shop even remotely a reason for why they exist.

Absolute hack work.

caffeinegoddess's picture

These do nothing for me. But then again, I'm not the target.

I could see these hanging up on a wall or in a locker or whatever.

What I wonder though, do ads with gals like these really get blokes to try or buy the beer?

blabla's picture

I have to agree. What has Mother NYC done to deserve all the hype? These ads are all ass and no brain art directed with supposed self-mocking "irony" which is so damn tired I could hurl.

AnonymousCoward's picture

I think the Flash games on the site are a riot - granted that has much to do with the Barbarian group's execution but the concepts must have originated with Mother - pretty clever, and ironic, and really not taking the macho thing seriously at all.

Plywood's picture

Old recycled garbage.

Robblink's picture

Alotta booty in this campaign!