Snapcash - Introducing Snapcash - (2014) 2:00 (USA)

Another co-branded tech product, well, maybe not co-branded so much as co-made. Snapchat and Square got together and made Snapcash, a spinoff of Squarecash that allows you to send dollars to friends right over the wires. So of course it has to have a silly ad, and once we fall into the phone and see the song and dance inside, I swear I'm having flashbacks to the Etrade chimp and the 90s dot com boom. But then the song and dance routine continues ... and keeps going and I realize we're still in 2014 where 2 minutes is the new 60. All this cash flying around, while time is money.

So snapcash away kids, it's Square that handles the transaction, and it sends the cash directly to your friends bank account. Now with Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal & Square, stealing someones phone is hitting the jackpot....
Snapchat has Snapcash
Just use your Cashtag
Send money easy, it's oh so breezy
Snapcash with Snapchat

Chat your cash amount
Straight from your bank account
Send money easy, it's fast and breezy

Client: Snapcash

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