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Goth army clean up beaches in France?

Orange "further together"

This youtube film shows a bunch a Goths driving my old chevvy with my bumper-sticker still on it. Then it gets weirder. Really, you have to click the link to get the effect. We'll wait.

Since I don't know a lick of french (not true, I know exactly how to order a beer and which takes you far) @AlessandroAB was kind enough to inform me that the tagline means "Further together" - and it's for Orange. I don't know if this makes me any wiser after viewing the ad, but I do know that I like their innovative beach-cleaning methods and that scull-printed latex corset worn by the redhead. Must go shopping now, ta ta!

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Hi, even if the video with the goths is my favourite, there are two others.

One is with hip-hop fellows cleaning a Basket Field, the other is with little guys dancing a strange thing called tecktonik (i hope for you that it will never come in your country), and cleaning windows of old people.

It is here, at the end (and FYI, you cannot put your name in these ones).


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Hahaha, I love the tecktonik one. :)

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Looked for that Chevy on the YouTube. It is gone, deleted, DMCA'ed and sent back to France:

Gothic Concert
49 sec - Jun 17, 2010
Industry: Orange
Year: 2009
Theme: Great causes always
Country: France
Agency: Publicis Conseil
Director: Vincent lobelia (the Elvis)


TEST - A spare? No, I just wanted to see if the new layout would handle it. Browser loads it 512 x 288 but the editor will scale it 2x. Being mp4 the quality is icky. /TEST


Note: delete TEST at will.
That's all I got.

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Yes, that was the film, but the whole youtube breakout was only available while the campaign was running on youtube. Last year.

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Unfortunately. I Really wanted to see it. No archive (robot.txt honored by archives), live and learn.