“On the road and beyond!” Michelin’s new campaign reiterates the brand’s innovative strength

Michelin “On the road and beyond!”

evian - Welcome to the Mountain of Youth - (2024) France

evian welcomes you to the Mountain of Youth

Lacoste - “Play big”: a campaign rooted in iconicity and art

This year, Lacoste is reaching new heights with its larger-than-life brand campaign, “Play Big”.

Citroën ë-Berlingo ballett, choreographed by BETC Paris

When you have a utility vehicle that’s tailored to your every need, it feels more like a partner than a car.

Noratu - "Paving the way" (2024) (France)

Canal+ "SUPER!" - Fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a treat

For decades, we have been captivated by action movies starring larger-than-life heroes such as Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise.

Get therapy in a ride-sharing car with Heetch and BETC Paris "First Conversation"

Ride-hailing app tackles mental health in ambitious work with BETC Paris

McDonald's - Stuck / Home Delivery - (2024) :60 (France)

Every really wanted som chicken nuggets, but too embarrassed to leave the house due to that stoplight red pimple?

Epica Awards 2023 Results announced

The 2023 Epica Awards saw Grand Prix winners from the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, and Japan.

Sephora releases beautiful Christmas ad

This Holiday season, Sephora, in collaboration with BETC Etoile Rouge and BETC Fullsix, invites us to rediscover the magic of the season through a poe

Celio celebrates "normal" men by using Google street photos of regular guys in their latest campaign.

Celio, the leading men’s ready-to-wear brand in France, has once again decided to celebrate normal men with a brand new campaign.

Visit Morocco - Forever Marrakech / As long as the sun rises, Marrakech will shine (2023) :90 (France)

Marrakech will never stop shining The Moroccan National Tourism Office and BETC Paris remind the whole world

BURGER KING in France launches anti-bullying campaign

After #Anti2010 and the Notifications activation, BURGER KING® is continuing to take a stand for the 3rd year in a row.

AI depicts "banlieue" wrong, so Heetch and BETCh create postcards with "Greetings From La Banlieue"

Heetch spurs the entire banlieue into action to help Midjourney rectify an AI bias … with the help of postcards!

HAPPY A.I.LLOWEEN from Burger King, France

It's not just you who has noticed that artificial intelligence can generate some incredibly creepy images.

FDJ Eurodreams - What if you won the lottery every month? (2023) :30 (France)

BETC Paris Joins Forces with FDJ for the Historic Launch of Its New Game, Eurodreams

Bouygues Telecom "what have we got?" (2023) 1:45 (France)

Bouygues Telecom investigates crime scenes CSI-style

misterb&b - Introducing Silver Pride: LGBTQIA+ Seniors are invited to come back to Paris Pride

Introducing Silver Pride: LGBTQIA+ Seniors are invited to come back to Paris Pride after years of absence thanks to misterb&b and BETC

Dabitch featured in the Epica Awards "Behind the bylines" series.

The Epica awards are doing a series of interviews with many creative journalists around the world who make up the Epica Award's jury.

The Epica awards announces an industry first: an AI awards juror.

Every year I tirelessly attack the long list of the Epica Awards, judging everything in order to create the shortlist that we then keep judging to sor

Anheuser Busch awarded "Creative Marketer of the Year" at Cannes Lions despite Dylan Mulvany flop

Getting "Creative Marketer of the Year" at Canne Lions isn't chickenshit, over the decades brands that worked very hard, and globally,

Lacoste kicks off its 90th anniversary with new campaign “Impossible Encounters” and website

90 years of the iconic Crocodile. 90 years defining French fashion sport.

CANAL+ - BRI and a photoshoot like no other (France)

A new TV series called BRI, focused on the police's special forces, is being launched by CANAL+.

SNCF Voyageurs - "Born to be Wild" - Epic road trip with a Llama (2023) :90 (France)

Rosa Paris and SNCF Voyageurs Show Why Taking the Train Offers More Freedom!

McDonald's - “New colors” film & poster campaign (2023) :30 (France)

Innovation in the fast food market - colorful vegetable fries, with beetroots, parsnips and carrots!

Laboratoire Gallia - 4th Term (2023) :45 (France)

Laboratoire Gallia - 4th Term - Gallia is the commercial name of Aptamil baby formula in some European markets

Prime Video is celebrating the beautiful game of football with Ligue 1 Uber Eats Symphony

I just showed this offspring, who is just as big of a football fan as I am, and she exclaimed "DAMN, that was too good", and I completely ag

OUIGO - Going Green without even trying - all films (2022) :60 (France)

Open on a couple showering together....

NESCAFÉ launches the new global platform “Make your world” in Europe with the campaign “Expect more from every cup”

NESCAFÉ launches the new global platform “Make your world” in Europe with the campaign “Expect more from every cup” Coffee. Your humble ritual.

Film Festival vs Film Festival - or little girls have a flair for the dramatic in Badland.

Thank heaven, for little girls!

CANAL+ & Clermont Short Film Festival - Papa ? / Deathbed (2023) 2:30 (France)

Short film made by CANAL+ for the Clermont Short Film Festival

Cartier Tank Française: Behind the Scenes (2023) (France)

Behind the Scenes on the movie set with Rami Malek, Catherine Deneuve and Guy Ritchie.

Cartier Tank Française: The Interview (2023) (France)


Troublemakers welcomes Benoit Leva and Clim to their animation director stable

Troublemakers welcomes two new animated film directors

CANAL+ - The Secret of Wakany (2022) 2.30 (France)

Canal+ treats to yet another epic ad, and in this one the art director and stylists clearly had a blast creating a fantasy universe with all of the fa

Meta partners with BETC Paris, Havas Play, Havas Events and Unit9 for the Rugby World Cup 2023

The next Rugby World Cup will take place in France in 2023.

Loto - Would you tell if you won the lottery? (2023) :30 (France)

If you were to win the lottery, would you tell anyone ? No ? Not even your friends ? Or your family ?

Heetch - this small brand is the real winner of the World Cup with cheeky hack

Every four years for the World Cup, all the biggest brands face off to be highly visible during the global event and end up spending tens of millions

Dacia and heaven found Santa.

According to a mysterious source, the real Santa Claus lives in Lapland.

Vintage Rides - Let's Ride (2022) (France)

We are driven by adventure. It pushes us past our comfort zone, to reach out to others and to question our prejudices.

Reporters without borders: “Against propaganda, there are facts”

Reporters Without Borders releases its new global campaign video: INFORMATION WARFARE

So Foot - Football mag opens restaurant for world cup boycotters

BOYCOTT OR NOT BOYCOTT ? That is the question that football fans are facing during the 2022 World Cup

Epica Awards announces 2022 shortlist - full list here.

The Epica Awards are delighted to announce the preselected entries for the 2022 competition.

Sephora dares you to be yourself - "Believe in your wish!" (France)

For the holidays, Sephora unveils an emotional film full of hope, love, and joy to celebrate the infinite power of wishes

MINDCRAFT - A game-based dyslexia assessment in disguise

A game-based dyslexia assessment in disguise designed for young people Using Minecraft to transform the learning experience

After launching a campaign for an unavailable product, La Vie™ is finally coming to the UK.

When the city of Haarlem banned meat ads, La Vie was there to show off their bacon.

Canal+ Sports - The Neighbor and The Conductor (2022)


Fridays For Future / Greta Thunberg unveils "I Love You California" for Global Climate Strike

​For the upcoming GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE on September 23, Fridays For Future U.S., the movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, launches a new film highlig

Dua Lipa stars in new LIBRE fragrance TVC created by BETC Etoile Rouge

In the new campaign, Dua Lipa is directed by a woman for the first time: the award-winning Nigerian-British director Jenn Nkiru.

Photography trailblazer William Klein dies at the age of 96

William Klein, the New York-born, Paris-based multi-hyphenate creative best known as a photographer and film director, has passed away at the age of 9

OPPO - Inspiration Ahead / Wimbledon Francesca Jones / Heroes (2022) :30 (France)

WTA Professional Tennis player Francesca Jones who despite being born with ectrodactyly ectodermal dysplasia syndrome, a rare condition that causes de

Motorola - The Batwing "M" is ready for summer - promos (2022) France

Motorola and its agency heaven surrounded themselves again with digital artists to express the diversity of interpretations of their new slogan, “T’as


The PHNX Awards announced four Grand Prix winners at its online ceremony at 6pm CET on June 16.

No one says it but everyone does it: "Uber Eats, ça arrive."

*"Ça arrive": in French there's a double meaning "It's coming" and also "It happens".

VEET - OODYSSEY (2022) :60 (France)

To the sound of relaxing whistling music, we watch two pink round objects float around in the sky. Are they bubbles? Are they balloons?

Bouygues Telecom - On The Road - (2022) 2:00 (France)

The number one wish this summer for French people is to travel more. And not on a deserted island but across the country.

YSL BEAUTY - Y Fragrance - The New Eau de Toilette / Lenny Kravitz (2022) 1:10 (France)

"To know where you're going, you need to know where you're from."

Lacoste - I go for the Lacoste Polo (2022) :30 (France)

On a beach, Marga meets Anis – who could be the same age as her grandson – and is surprised to be wearing the same pink polo shirt as him.

Lacoste - Unexpected encounters while wearing the universal brand.

Since 1933, the Lacoste crocodile has transcended time, style and genre – it roams over a limitless range.

Lacoste - I choose the bucket hat (2022) :30 (France)

Clearly inspired by the cool skater boy, the little girl will wear her bucket hat the way he does. 

Lacoste - I Dare the slides-and-socks (2022) :30 (France)

Everybody wears Lacoste but style it differently

"Morocco - Kingdom of Light 7 Global film and press (2022) :60 (France)

After winning the account following a global new business pitch, BETC unveils the "Kingdom of Light" campaign with the ambition to support t

Colgate - Smile Lines - print, France

Portraits of older people with smile lines.

“A diamond is forever” but entries into Gerety will end May 13!

The Gerety Awards have a final deadline for entries until Friday, May 13, 2022.

Sid Lee Paris and PLUM Inspire with Striking New Visual Brand Campaign

In an eye-catching new print, outdoor and digital campaign, Sid Lee Paris and interior design brand PLUM are unveiling a series of cleverly composed

IRL Trashcan, the contactless email destroyer (2022) 2:00 (France)

Soixante Circuits and BETC introduce IRL Trashcan: a physical bin that raises awareness about the impact of digital waste

Disneyland Paris - Magic Momentum - (2022) :45 (France)

Disneyland Paris turns 30 years old on April 12th.

Veuve Clicquot - Good Day Sunshine - brand campaign (2022) :30 (France)


New Citroën C5 X, an invitation to serenity - (2022) 1:00 (France)


Burger King - Vegan? carnivore? Never fear, the FLEXIWHOPPER is here the non-vegan vegan burger - print, France

Vegan? Non-Vegan? Why not both? BURGER KING® has decided to bring the world together with a semi-meat, semi-veggie burger: the FlexiWHOPPER®

Gadsme, the first In-Game AdTech Platform allowing performance advertising, raises $8m in seed round.

opular industry seed round led by Galaxy Interactive is also joined by major game publishers, including Ubisoft. AppLovin’s ex-VP Corporate Develop

Greenweez - "The Community" (2021) :60 (France)

This is so refreshingly hilarious!

CANAL+ billboard campaign for "This Is Going To Hurt" by BETC uses poor handwriting to get message across.

First a successful book by Adam Kay that got turned into a brilliant TV series that aired on BBC, THIS IS GOING TO HURT, the extraordinary story of an

Lacoste x Théo Curin I The first-ever collection conceived by a handisport athlete

Lacoste unveils its first-ever collection conceived by a disabled athlete – the Théo Curin collection


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